[robotics-worldwide] JOSER new issue and call for papers

brugali brugali at unibg.it
Wed Mar 7 00:54:46 PST 2012

Dear colleague,

it is my great pleasure to introduce a new issue of the Journal of 
Software Engineering for Robotics (JOSER).
You can freely download the published papers from the JOSER web portal at
http://www.joser.org --> CURRENT.

I take here the opportunity to reemphasize the broad scope of the 
journal. JOSER addresses the researchers belonging to the intersection 
of the Robotics and Software Engineering communities, which have 
consolidated approaches to conduct research, to document their 
innovative results, and to assess the quality of manuscripts published 
in archival journals. As such, papers published in JOSER must be written 
taking into account the quality expectation of readers belonging to one 
or the other of those two communities.

According to JOSER editorial policy, every manuscript is reviewed by at 
least one expert in Robotics and one expert in
Software Engineering. A concrete example of what reviewers pay attention 
to is the importance of an accurate review of the state of the art, 
which should not be limited to Robotics, since several software 
development problems typically encountered in Robotics have been somehow 
addressed already by other communities (i.e. embedded, real time, 
distributed systems, automotive, avionics).

I believe that papers published in JOSER should highlight the key 
aspects that make software development for Robotics different from other 
application domains. Thus, I kindly invite authors to submit even short 
papers that document their best practice in designing and building 
robotic software systems. Short papers may have the form of a single 
Design Pattern that has been identified while solving similar design 
problems many times.

In my opinion, the Design Pattern documentation style is really 
appropriate for JOSER papers because it guides authors to document not 
only a relevant problem and a significant solution, but also the 
(robotic) specific context and the conflicting forces (i.e. robotic 
requirements) that are solved by the proposed solution.

You can find information for authors at http://www.joser.org/ --> For 

Please enjoy this issue, and feel free to distribute its contents as far 
and widely as possible.

Best regards,
Davide Brugali

Davide Brugali, PhD
Chair IEEE RAS TCSOFT, http://robotics.unibg.it/tcsoft/
Editor-in-Chief, JOSER, http://www.joser.org/
Associate Professor at University of Bergamo - DIIMM
  V.le Marconi, 5 - 24044 Dalmine, Italy
  Tel. ++39 035 2052-354 (008)  Fax ++39 035 2052-310

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