[robotics-worldwide] Fwd: ICRA "Sushi" Challenge (mobile manipulation)

Steve Cousins cousins at willowgarage.com
Sat Mar 10 06:42:11 PST 2012

This year's ICRA Challenge session will feature a new grand challenge for
mobile manipulation and perception, the "Sushi" grand challenge.

“Yesterday’s Sushi” is a sushi restaurant operated by autonomous robots.
The robots are expected to clean tables, set dishes and silverware on a
clean table and serve sushi. The intent of this challenge is to push the
state of the art in autonomous mobile manipulation, integrating perception,
manipulation, navigation and other capabilities. The current plan is for
this challenge to become an annual event, pushing teams to improve and beat
last year’s performance.

The environment is human-scale. There are no constraints on the robot
hardware used. The organizers will provide two PR2 robots for participants
wishing to use the PR2 robot. More details of the challenge are available
at http://MobileManipulationChallenge.org.

The "Sushi" Challenge is one of five (5) ICRA Challenges this year.  See
http://www.icra2012.org/program/robotChallenge.php for the complete list.

Steve Cousins (ICRA Challenge Chair)
Sachin Chitta ("Sushi" Challenge organizer)

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