[robotics-worldwide] Change of dates: CFP IEEE T-ASE - Special issue on Micro-Assembly for manufacturing at small scales

Philippe Lutz philippe.lutz at femto-st.fr
Fri Mar 16 10:17:56 PDT 2012

Change of dates for the Special Issue:
Micro-Assembly for manufacturing at small scales 

Several contributors have asked us to extend the deadline for submission 
of proposals. We changed the dates in June and postponed the deadline. 
However, we encourage contributors to submit as soon as possible to 
allow an optimal review process.

Reminder of the CFP:
The design and fabrication of innovative and complex microsystems offer 
extremely promising solutions in the tremendous objective of 
miniaturized products miniaturization. Within this scope, 
micro-assembly, i.e. the 3D integration of hybrid chips (from few µm to 
few hundreds of µm in size) together, is a powerful approach to produce 
complex and heterogeneous products. Developments enabled lots of proof 
of concepts (actuators, sensors, gripping principles and tools, control, 
manipulation....) but assemblies performed automatically and/or with 
acceptable yields are, at the same time, extremely recent and 
challenging topics. It notably requires to simultaneously consider 
microfabrication tolerances (M(O)EMS components to assemble, handling 
tools...), robots uncertainties, sensors integration, reliable control, 
bonding and metrology aspects, all of these aspects being specific at 
the microscale (lack of sensors and adapted gripping tools, small signal 
to noise ratio, use of non linear actuators, surface force predominance...)
The aim of this special issue is to provide most recent and original 
results on innovative micro-assembly methods and technologies with a 
special focus on processes going beyond of proof of concepts. It is also 
highlight current challenging topics and the main outlooks will not only 
be from a scientific point of view but also from an application one.

Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

Robotic Micro-Assembly
Self-Assembly Techniques
Hybrid Micro-Assembly
Force and/or Position (including vision) based Automated Micro-Assembly
Open-Loop Automated Micro-Assembly
Packaging of M(O)EMS
Novel Control Tools for Micro-Assembly Systems
Joining of Microscale Components
Assembled M(O)EMS Products
Calibration of Micro-Assembly Platforms
Metrology for M(O)EMS Characterization
Sensor Fusion for Micro-Assembly

Paper submission:
ASAP: Contact guest editor (title + abstract)

March 15, *June 15 2012: Paper submission deadline.*
July 15, October 15 2012: Completion of the first round review
October 15, February 2012: Completion of the second round review
December 15, April 2012: Final manuscripts due.
May September 2013: Tentative publication date.

All papers are to be submitted through the IEEE's *Manuscript Central* 
for Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering 
http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/t-ase.Please select"Special Issue" under 
Manuscript Category of your submission. All manuscripts must be prepared 
according to the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering 
publication guidelines http://www.ieee-ras.org/tase/forauthors Please 
address all inquiries to plutz at femto-st.fr <mailto:plutz at femto-st.fr>

Guest Editors
Karl F. Böhringer (University of Washington, USA)
Philippe Lutz (Femto-st Institute, France)
Cédric Clévy (Femto-st Institute, France)
Dan O. Popa (University of Texas at Arlington, USA)
Quan Zhou (Aalto University, Finland)

Philippe Lutz
Professeur des Universites, Universite de Franche-Comte (http://www.univ-fcomte.fr)
Directeur de l'Ecole Doctorale SPIM
24 rue Alain Savary, F - 25000 Besancon

Full Professor
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