[robotics-worldwide] Final Deadline for SAB2012 Submissions on 20-03-2012

john at mmmi.sdu.dk john at mmmi.sdu.dk
Mon Mar 19 00:26:19 PDT 2012

This is just a brief reminder that the deadline for paper submissions
to the Simulation of Adaptive Behavior conference is on 20th March

The objective of this interdisciplinary conference is to bring
together researchers in computer science, artificial intelligence,
alife, control, robotics, neurosciences, ethology, evolutionary
biology, and related fields so as to further our understanding of the
behaviors and underlying mechanisms that allow natural and artificial
animals to adapt and survive in uncertain environments. The conference
will focus on experiments with well-defined models --- robot models,
computer simulation models, mathematical models --- designed to help
characterize and compare various organizational principles or
architectures underlying adaptive behavior in real animals and in
synthetic agents, the animats.

For further details about the conference, and the link for submissions,
visit www.sab2012.org.

Best wishes,

  John Hallam, Christian Balkenius, Tom Ziemke

*the deadline is in fact 12:00 UTC 21/03/2012, or more poetically as
 the last sun of 20th March crosses the international dateline :-)).

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