[robotics-worldwide] RoboticsCourseWare.org update and expansion

Aaron Dollar aaron.dollar at yale.edu
Tue Mar 20 19:24:18 PDT 2012

Dear Colleagues - 


We are happy to announce that we have recently completed a major software
upgrade and content expansion of RoboticsCourseWare.org, an open-access
repository of robotics curricular materials sponsored by the IEEE Robotics
and Automation Society originally launched in 2009. With the recent addition
of course materials from Prof. Illah Nourbakhsh (Carnegie Mellon) and Prof.
Francisco Valero-Cuevas (Univ. of Southern California), the site hosts
materials for 11 full robotics courses and 6 short course modules by faculty
at CMU, EPFL, Harvard, MIT, NU Singapore, UPenn, USC, U. Tennessee, and TU
Catalonia. These materials are generally offered in easily-modifiable
formats (such as .ppt and .doc) in order to be easily incorporated into new
or existing courses. The materials cover robotics pedagogical areas
including robot mechanics, control, motion planning, vision, sensing,
localization, ethics, human-robot interaction, and more. 


We hope that you will find this great resource to be useful to supplement
your own curricular materials, or for the purposes of your own learning.  




-          Aaron Dollar, Daniela Rus, and Paolo Fiorini



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