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**** EXTENDED DEALINES: Submission extended to MARCH 26th  2012 ****


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5th Workshop on Applied Robotics and Automation

Bauru – Sao Paulo - Brazil



Robocontrol, currently in its fifth edition, consolidates an event devoted
to Robotics and Automation. The event cover a wide range of topics in robot
applications, allowing a broader vision of Robotics and Automation, as well
as bringing together other fields that contribute to these areas. Therefore,
the event’s purpose is to present a variety of tendencies and contributions
in themes related to Automation and Robotics. As such, Robocontrol
incorporates a multidisciplinary character, which unifies the theoretical
and applied aspects of design, automation and control applied to industrial,
agricultural and bio-inspired systems, collaborative and educational


Areas of Interest 

Robocontrol 2012 focuses on applications of Robotics in Education and
Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics. Notwithstanding, the event covers
also other relevant themes to robotics. Therefore, the areas of interest of
this event are, but are not limited to: 

§ Assistive Robotics and Rehabilitation Robotics 

§ Educational Robotics 

§ Collaborative systems in Robotics 

§ Teleoperation, Tele-robotics, Network Robotics and Multi-robot Systems 

§ Robotics and Automation in Unstructured Environment 

§ Personal and Service Robotics: Legged, Wheeled, Aerial and Underwater
Mobile Robots 

§ Manufacturing Automation and System Architecture 

§ Biomechanics and Bio-inspired Robots 

§ Social Robotics 

§ Human-Robot Interfaces, Haptics 

§ Medical Robots and Systems 

§ Conception, Design, Modeling and Control of Mechatronic Systems 

§ Robotics and Automation: Industrial and Agricultural Applications 

§ Intelligent Transport Systems and Service Robots 

§ Virtual and Augmented Reality 

§ Computer and Robot Vision 

§ Sensor Design Integration, and Fusion 

§ Sensor Based Robotic 


Paper submission 

For paper submission access the JEMS system https://submissoes.sbc.org.br
or Robocontrol website http://www.fc.unesp.br/robocontrol . Papers will be
accepted only if written in English, use the PDF file format, and use the
event template (available in MS Word and LaTeX formats). 


Important dates 

§ Complete article submission deadline:  March 15th 2012 --> EXTENDED to
MARCH 26th, 2012

§ Acceptance of articles: April 25th 2012 

§ "Camera Ready" Article submission: MAY 02nd,  2012 

§ Event: June 14th and 15th 2012 


Additional Information 

Access the event’s website at: http://www.fc.unesp.br/robocontrol  

or contact the Organizing Committee through the email
robocontrol at fc.unesp.br 


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