[robotics-worldwide] Two software engineer positions for robot development

Wang Dan Wei (Prof) EDWWANG at ntu.edu.sg
Sun Mar 25 00:46:04 PDT 2012

Two software engineer positions are open in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. These two software engineers are part of a group of faculty members, Ph.D students and undergraduate students to develop multi-robots for outdoor autonomous robots to navigate in urban environments and carry out specified tasks. The jobs involve software development and system integration with advanced sensor technologies and real-time algorithms for outdoor environment perception and mapping, static and dynamic obstacle avoidance, target identification, multi-robots coordination, system integration, mission management, etc.

Applicants must have at least Bachelor Degree in relevant fields with hands-on experiences in robotics related projects. Experiences and backgrounds on robot software development and Linux programming are valued and preferred. You can send in your CV and description of experiences to Prof Danwei Wang at edwwang at ntu.edu.sg<mailto:edwwang at ntu.edu.sg> as soon as possible. Initial contract is one year and numerations depend on experiences and qualifications.

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