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Volume 32 Number 3 of Autonomous Robots is now available at the
SpringerLink website (http://www.springerlink.com/content/q104335u7656/)
and in print. SpringerLink allows free access to all paper abstracts. Full
access (PDF) is by individual or institutional subscription.

Thanks to the guest editors Thierry Fraichard and James Kuffner for
their work on this special issue on 'Guaranteeing Motion Safety for Robots.'

The accompanying blog (http://www.autonomousrobotsblog.com/) includes
additional multimedia content about articles published in Autonomous

Autonomous Robots 32(3) Table of Contents

Guaranteeing motion safety for robots
Thierry Fraichard & James J. Kuffner

A guaranteed obstacle avoidance guidance system
Lionel Lapierre & Rene Zapata

Pareto-optimal coordination of multiple robots with safety guarantees
Rongxin Cui, Bo Gao & Ji Guo

Distributed reactive collision avoidance
Emmett Lalish & Kristi A. Morgansen

Guaranteed infinite horizon avoidance of unpredictable, dynamically
Albert Wu & Jonathan P. How

Generalization of the collision cone approach for motion safety in 3-D
Animesh Chakravarthy & Debasish Ghose

Provably safe navigation for mobile robots with limited field-of-views in
Sara Bouraine, Thierry Fraichard & Hassen Salhi

Safety assessment of robot trajectories for navigation in uncertain and
Daniel Althoff, James J. Kuffner, Dirk Wollherr & Martin Buss

Guaranteeing functional safety: design for provability and computer-aided
Holger Täubig, Udo Frese, Christoph Hertzberg, Christoph Lüth, Stefan Mohr,
Elena Vorobev & Dennis Walter

Motion safety and constraints compatibility for multibody robots
Sébastien Rubrecht, Vincent Padois, Philippe Bidaud, Michel de Broissia &
Max Da Silva Simoes

Gaurav S. Sukhatme
Autonomous Robots

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