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*** Call for Participation @ ICRA 2012 ***

Symposium on Robotic Solutions Toward Nuclear Decommission
URL: http://www.rm.is.tohoku.ac.jp/~tadokoro/120518Fukushima/


The work toward decommissioning of Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Unit 1-4 is in progress. Various robot technologies are essential for its
success. Public offerings of applicable technologies as a technical
catalogue were open by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan in
March, and the second offering was closed on April 6. On the basis of their
results, this workshop introduces the roadmap of technical development
toward the decommissioning, the necessary robotic tasks, and various robot
technologies applied to these offerings. At the panel, the technologies
necessary for the future work will be discussed.

This symposium will introduce various applications of robotics during this
one year, and will make discussion for the future.

<Date & Place>

Date 	14:00-17:00pm, May 18 (Friday), 2012
Site 	ICRA 2012 Conference Site (Sait Paul River Centre)


  Challenges for Decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
    Tokyo Electric Power Company
  Robotic Tasks Necessary for the Decommissioning and Various Technologies
  for Technology Catalogue
    Toshiba and Hitachi GE Nulcear Energy 
  1) Development of Remote Decontamination Technology in the Reactor Buildings
  2) Development of Leak Location Identification Technology for Containment Vessels
  3) Development of Containment Veessels Repair Method (Toshiba)
  4) Develompent of Investigative Technology for Inside Containment Vessels
  Panel Discussion: Technologies Necessary for the Future Work
    Tokyo Electric Power Company, Toshiba and Hitachi GE Nuclear Energy 

<Organized by>
IEEE RAS TC on Robotics and Automation in Nuclear Facilities (Proposed)
IEEE RAS TC on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics
International Rescue System Institute
Center of Robotics for Extreme and Uncertain Environments,
International Research Institute of Disaster Science, Tohoku University

Satoshi Tadokoro <tadokoro at rm.is.tohoku.ac.jp>
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