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Advanced Robotics, Vol. 27, No. 9 (July 2013)
Special Issue on Aerial Robots
International Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan

August 31, 2012

Guest Editors:
Prof. Atsushi Konno (Hokkaido University, Japan)
Prof. Koki Kikuchi (Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan)
Research Assist. Prof. Nathan Michael (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Aerial robots or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are expected
to play a great role in various applications such as search and
rescue, surveillance, infrastructure maintenance, field operations,
and 3D (Dangerous, Dirty, Dull) tasks. The area of aerial robotics
has experienced remarkable progress in the last decade due to
technological advancements and the minimization of onboard sensing
and computing. Aerial robots generally fly autonomously or are
remotely operated via a human and may be categorized into four
different types: fixed wing, rotary wing, lighter-than-air (LTA),
and flapping wing.

This special issue will present recent advancements in research
and development on aerial robots and related technologies
including mechanisms, actuation, sensing, and control. Papers on
all aspects of aerial robotics are invited, including but not
limited to the following topics:

- UAV and Micro-Aerial Vehicle (MAV) design, such as:
    Flapping wing actuation methods
    Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) systems
- Model analysis, including:
    Flight and fluid flow dynamics
    Post-stall maneuvers
- Estimation and control methods for aerial robots
- Autonomy for aerial robots:
    Collision avoidance
    Navigation and exploration
    Multi-robot cooperation

PDF format file of the complete manuscript should be sent by
August 31, 2012 to the office of Advanced Robotics, the
Robotics Society of Japan through our homepage
Sample form of the manuscript is available at the homepage,
too. Additionally, please send the same file to

Prof. Atsushi Konno
konno at ssi.ist.hokudai.ac.jp

Prof. Koki Kikuchi
kouki.kikuchi at it-chiba.ac.jp

and Res. Assist. Prof. Nathan Michael
nmichael at seas.upenn.edu

for the confirmation.

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Office: Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
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