[robotics-worldwide] several PhD positions at Jacobs Robotics

Andreas Birk a.birk at jacobs-university.de
Wed May 2 04:49:28 PDT 2012

The Robotics Group at Jacobs University 
(http://robotics.jacobs-university.de) in Bremen, Germany has several 
openings for PhD students. The Robotics Group does research on 3D 
Perception and Mapping in unstructured environments. Examples include 
Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics (SSRR), Marine Robotics, and 
semi-structured application domains like Logistics. Jacobs University 
offers an English-speaking, international working environment.

The positions are within different projects, especially the EU-projects 
Roblog (http://www.roblog.eu/) and MORPH (Marine Robotic System of Self 
Organizing, Logically Linked Physical Nodes).

Applicants for all three profiles must be skillful C++ programmers and 
have a solid math background. Experience with Willow Garage's ROS is a 
plus. Please send your application with the subject line “PhD position” 
to Andreas Birk (a.birk at jacobs-university.de).

Candidates should fit one of the following profiles:

1) Learning 3D object models and fast object-tracking using RGBD 
sensors: The candidate should be conversant with research in 3D vision, 
ideally, in the areas of feature-extraction, image-segmentation, and 
object-recognition. Prior work with 3D sensors like Kinect or Velodyne 
LIDAR, and with programming in OpenCV would be an asset.

2) Planning and anticipation in 3D semantic maps: Ideally, the candidate 
should have prior experience in one or more of the following: Physics 
engines like Bullet/ODE, 3D graphics engines like OGRE, COLLADA, 3D mesh 
generation and simplification.

3) View planning in the context of 3D mapping aka Simultaneous Planning 
Localization and Mapping (SPLAM). The position is in the context of 
underwater robotics; an according background is an asset but not required.

Please send your application with the subject line “PhD position” to 
Andreas Birk (a.birk at jacobs-university.de) and Kaustubh Pathak 
(k.pathak at jacobs-university.de).

Prof. Dr. Andreas Birk
Jacobs University

School of Engineering and Science
Research 1, Campus Ring 12, 28759 Bremen, Germany


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