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International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2012) Workshop on
Robotics and Performing Arts: Reciprocal influences

May 14th, 2012. St. Paul – Minnesota – USA
Room 7 - from 9.00AM to 6.00PM



09:00 09:15 Workshop Welcome and Introduction
Pericle Salvini and Daniela Rus

09:15 09:50 Embodiment in Robotic Art and Performances
Louis-Philippe Demers

09:50 10:25 Robots as Protagonists?
Damith Herath and Christian Kroos

10:25 10:45 Making Robotic Marionettes Perform
Todd D. Murphey

10:45 11:00 Coffee break

11:00 11:35 From Physical Language to Physical Action: Using Acting
Techniques to Improve Human/Robot Interaction
Annamaria Pileggi

11:35 11:55 Artistic Elements and Practical Challenges in A Midsummer
Night’s Dream with Unmanned Vehicles
Dylan A. Shell

11:55 12:30 The Android Theater
Hiroshi Ishiguro

12:30 01:30 Lunch break

01:30 02:05 Natural body movement: humans and robots
Oussama Khatib

02:05 02:40 On Robots, Theatre, Language, and Tele-Participation
Nikolaos Mavridis

02:40 03:15 Precision Performance: Robotics and the Spotlight
Ken Goldberg

03:15 03:35 The Cyborg Cabaret: A Human-Machine Variety Show Exploring
our Relationships with Machines
Heather Knight

03:35 03:50 Coffee break

03:50 04:10 Ontology of Robot Theatre
David V. Lu

04:10 04:45 Robotic Puppet Theatre. The Roborama Italian Tournée
Paolo Dario and Pericle Salvini

04:45 05:15 Seraph: An MIT-Pilobolus Collaboration to Create a
Robot-Human Dance
Daniela Rus

05:15 06:00 Round Table

The complete programme is available:



Since ancient times technology has played an important role in the creative
process and in the realization of new forms of art. The world of performing
arts is no exception: from ancient Greek masks and Renaissance stage
machineries, to automata and currently robotic performers. Likewise, the world of
science and technology has progressed also thanks to the creative inputs and
innovative visions of artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci or science-fiction novelists and
film-makers. The goal of the ICRA 2012 Robotics and Performance Arts workshop is to
celebrate the creative interaction between robotics technologies and art, and
stimulate discussions on this topic. This full-day workshop will investigate the
interactions between robotics engineering and performing arts, focusing on their
reciprocal influences and how such influences can benefits both.


- Robotic theatre, dance, music and experiments of robotics in the
performing arts
- Installations and other types of artistic expression that address how
the performing arts influence and advance knowledge and innovation in
robotics and related fields
- Systems, theories, and experiments that address how robotics promotes
the creative process and the emergence of new art forms
- The role of artworks as “cultural mediator” in developing acceptance
or resistance dispositions towards new technologies in laypeople
- Robotics and performance art as educational tools
- Robotic art: a new need and market for robotics?


Please, refer to the conference webpage:



- Pericle Salvini, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy
(E-mail: p.salvini at sssup.it)

- Daniela Rus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
(E-mail: rus at csail.mit.edu)



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