[robotics-worldwide] ICRA'12 Industry Forum (May 15th 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM)

Raj Madhavan madhavan.ieeeras at gmail.com
Tue May 8 07:32:37 PDT 2012


I am organizing an Industry Forum (w/ Rainer Bischoff) at ICRA'12 in 
Saint Paul centered around the theme of "Bridging the Gap between 
Academia, Industry, and Government to Benefit End-Users". It will take 
place on *May 15th from 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM at the Saint Paul River Centre 
(Rooms 10&11)*.

For an agenda with speaker titles and abstracts, see 
http://www.icra2012.org/files/ICRA12_IndForum_Digest.pdf. Below is a 
summary of the Forum's goals and issues to be discussed.

As you can see, it has shaped up quite nicely and I am looking forward
to a productive discussion. If you're attending ICRA'12, I hope you can 
attend the Forum and participate in the discussions. If you can forward 
to folks who might be interested, I'd much appreciate it.

Thank you.


Raj Madhavan, Ph.D.
Vice President, Industrial Activities Board
Chair, Standing Committee for Standards Activities
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society

Tel: (301) 975-2865 Fax: (301) 990-9688
Email: madhavan.ieeeras at gmail.com

The ICRA'12 industrial forum, being organized by the IEEE-RAS Industrial 
Activities Board (IAB), will focus on bridging the gap between academia, 
industry and government by bringing together experts, leaders, and 
practitioners from diverse domains and from across the world to provide 
a truly global perspective. Similar efforts have been undertaken in the 
United States, Europe, and Asia with mixed results. You will hear from 
researchers, vendors, and funding agencies on their experiences and 
roadblocks they have encountered.

A panel discussion will conclude the forum to foster dialog between 
participants and speakers. Based on the discussions stemming from the 
entire day, a white paper will be published with an action plan to go 
from where we are to where we can. The target audience of the forum is 
end-users, developers, vendors, and anyone who is interested in robotics 
and automation technologies.

In addition to the main theme, the following topics will be addressed 
during the forum:
* How can industry and academia work together by actively collaborating 
and acknowledging differences in practices, implementations, and mindset?
* What can government agencies do to foster such collaboration and 
facilitate innovation and technology transfer?
* How can the end-users and the community at-large benefit from the 
above three groups working as a cohesive whole?
* What are known (and hidden) and not-so-widely discussed barriers and 
* What is the role of standardization and ad-hoc standards and best 
* Can the support of entrepreneurship address some of the aforementioned 
* How can we leverage existing know-how and target the low-hanging fruit 
as well as long-term issues in a collaborative fashion?

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