[robotics-worldwide] ICRA 2012 ** Workshop on Stochastic Geometry in SLAM **

Martin Adams martin at ing.uchile.cl
Thu May 10 16:01:11 PDT 2012


ICRA 2012  ** Workshop on Stochastic Geometry in SLAM **




Meeting Room 6, Saint Paul River Center,

175 West Kellogg Blvd, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102, USA.


Friday 18. May 08.45 - 17.15.




Updated Workshop Details:


ICRA Conference Details: http://www.icra2012.org/


Workshop Aims:



Representing the feature based SLAM map state as a Random Finite Set (RFS),
rather than the conventionally used random vector, is not merely a
triviality of representation. Recent research has shown that Finite Set
Statistics (FISST), developed for data fusion and estimation with RFSs, when
applied to SLAM, can eliminate the necessity of fragile map management and
feature association algorithms. The RFS map concept therefore provides a
robust paradigm under which the true number of features, which have entered
the field(s) of view of an autonomous vehicle’s sensor(s), as well as their
locations, can be jointly estimated in a Bayes optimal manner, while taking
into account feature detection and false alarm probabilities. 


The workshop will encompass presentations on the direct application of FISST
to SLAM with an introduction to FISST, SLAM solutions in the presence of
high levels of clutter in complex environments, multi-vehicle SLAM, extended
target tracking and adaptive information retrieval based on visual sensors.



Workshop Schedule:




08.45     Martin Adams & Ba-Ngu-Vo, Welcome and Workshop Introduction


09.00     Ronald P. Mahler, "Finite-Set Statistics and SLAM"


10.00     Coffee Break


10.30     Ba-Ngu Vo, "Stochastic Geometry and Bayesian SLAM"

11.10     Daniel E. Clark, Chee S. Lee and Sharad Nagappa, "Single-Cluster
PHD Filtering and Smoothing for SLAM Applications"

11.50     Karl Granström, Christian Lundquist, Fredrik Gustafsson and Umut
Orguner, "On Extended Target Tracking Using PHD Filters"


12.30     Lunch


14.00     John Mullane, Samuel Keller and Martin Adams "Random Set Versus
Vector Based SLAM in the Presence of High Clutter"

14.40     Diluka Moratuwage, Ba-Ngu Vo, Sardha Wijesoma and Danwei Wang,
"Extending the Bayesian RFS SLAM Framework to Multi-Vehicle SLAM"

15.20     Philip Dames, Dinesh Thakur, Mac Schwager and Vijay Kumar,
"Adaptive Information Gathering Using Visual Sensors"


16.00     Coffee Break


16.30     Panel Discussion, "The Future of Stochastic Geometry in Robotic


17.15     End Workshop.



Workshop organisers:



Martin Adams (University of Chile): martin at ing.uchile.cl


Ba-Ngu Vo (University of Western Australia): ba-ngu.vo at uwa.edu.au



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