[robotics-worldwide] ICRA 2012 Workshop invitation: Modular Surgical Robotics: how can we make it possible?

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Fri May 11 09:36:24 PDT 2012



ICRA 2012  ** Modular Surgical Robotics: how can we make it possible? **


Friday May 18, 2012 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Saint Paul River Centre


Workshop Details: http://www.eurosurge.eu/icra2012

ICRA Conference Details: http://www.icra2012.org/


The workshop topics  are in the focus of  the new European project Eurosurge
(http://www.eurosurge.eu/), which is aimed at structuring a network of
laboratories in robotic surgery and at promoting modularity in the
cooperative (open hardware) development of robots. The workshop will be
divided into three sessions: the first summarizing the current status of
Eurosurge; the second with presentations from experts outside the project;
and the third with a discussion expected to provide suggestions and opinions
about introducing modularity into robotic surgery.




8:30                                       Welcome

8:35       P. Fiorini              Robotic surgery, the need for synergies
and standardization

9:05       G. S. Virk             International robot safety standardization

9:35       T. Haidegger     Standardization efforts in medical robotics



10:05  Coffee break


10:30     G. A. Cole           Closed-loop actuated modular surgical system
utilizing real-time in-situ MRI guidance

11:00     G. Ferrigno        Modular control strategies in neurosurgical

11:30     F. Vicentini        Distributed real-time robot control: the
ACTIVE project experience


12:00 Lunch


13:30     J. Hergenhan     An electrotactile display with spiked electrodes
for robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery

14:00     P. Fiorini             Patient safety and automation in robotic
surgery: the Safros and Isur EU projects

14:30     K. Cleary              A modular system architecture for robotic
natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery

15:00     M. Niccolini        Development of robotic platforms for single
port and NOTES procedures

15:30     G. Salvietti          A task priority approach for modular robots
in minimally invasive surgery


16:00     Coffee break

16:30     K. Althoefer      Variable stiffness controllable and learnable
manipulator for MIS

17:00     P. Fiorini              Discussion



17:30 Closing



Workshop organisers:


Paolo Fiorini,                     University of Verona,  Italy

Giancarlo Ferrigno,         Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Elena De Momi,                 Politecnico di Milano, Italy



Elena De Momi

Bioengineering Department - NEARLab Medical Robotics

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