[robotics-worldwide] ICRA 2012 - VMAC Workshop on 5/18

George Dimitoglou dimitoglou at cs.hood.edu
Sun May 13 14:36:17 PDT 2012

Virtual Manufacturing Automation (VMAC) Workshop at ICRA 2012
Friday May 18, 2012 8:45am - noon

This is an invitation to participate in a half-day workshop on Friday, 
May 18th, following the completion of the Virtual Manufacturing 
Automation Competition (VMAC). VMAC is a simulation-based competition, 
designed to stimulate research in robotics dealing with problems related 
to mixed-palletizing and intra-factory package delivery and logistics.

The increasing impact of the manufacturing sector on jobs and economic 
growth has brought to prominence issues relating to automation 
challenges in manufacturing that require new, innovative technologies in 

We are delighted to have Erik Nieves, Technology Director at Yaskawa 
Motoman Robotics give the invited talk entitled: "The Challenges of 
Robotics in Logistics - an industrial perspective."

The workshop is designed to leave time for discussion and interaction 
among the participants.

All are welcome to attend, no registration is required, and breakfast 
will be served.


-- 0845 – 0900 Welcome and Introduction to the workshop
-- 0900 – 0930 Invited Talk by Erik Nieves, Technology Director, Yaskawa 
Motoman Robotics
-- 0930 – 1000 Mixed Palletizing Challenge Participant Presentation(s)
-- 1000 – 1030 Mobility Challenge Participant Presentation(s)
-- 1030 – 1100 Discussion: Issues, Trends and Opportunities in 
Manufacturing Automation
-- 1100 – noon VMAC 2013

We hope to see you in St. Paul!

- The VMA Challenge web page: http://www.vma-competition.com/
- VMA Challenge rules: 
- XML Schemas for order and plan files: 

- Pallet Viewer package: 

- Sample Palletizing code and directions: 

- USARSim information: http://usarsim.sourceforge.net

Dr. Stephen Balakirsky, National Institute of Standards and Technology, 
Gaithersburg, MD
Dr. Henrik Christensen, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
Dr. George Dimitoglou, Hood College, Frederick, MD

George Dimitoglou, D.Sc.
Dept. of Computer Science
Hood College
Frederick, MD 21701

URL: http://cs.hood.edu/~dimitoglou/

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