[robotics-worldwide] Call for Papers: IEEE ToE, Special Issue on Robotics Education (1-Week Notice)

Taskin Padir tpadir at WPI.EDU
Mon May 14 13:42:04 PDT 2012

IEEE Transactions on Education
Call for Papers
Special Issue on Robotics Education
Submission Deadline: 21 May 2012
Guest Editors:

Taskin Padir, tpadir at wpi.edu
Sonia Chernova, soniac at cs.wpi.edu

Robotics Engineering Program
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
The Transactions seeks original manuscripts for a Special Issue on 
Robotics Education scheduled to appear in the February 2013 issue of the 

Robotics engineering is on the verge of becoming the next disruptive 
engineering discipline. Research volume, as well as technology 
development by the robotics industry, has grown exponentially in recent 
years. Robotics Engineering programs have the potential to attract new 
generations to the engineering profession to meet the global needs for 
economic development.

The creation of a robot through the integration of sensing, computing 
and actuation in the physical world requires a whole-system design 
approach. As a result, robotics is an inherently multidisciplinary field 
that promotes teamwork, technical competency, innovation and lifelong 
learning, and can be used to enrich and broaden engineering education. 
It is an all-inclusive field that has been proved to excite students of 
all ages and hence it can be an effective tool for improving the 
recruitment and retention of students in STEM fields.

IEEE Transactions on Education solicits original and unpublished 
contributions for a Special Issue reporting innovative approaches to 
robotics education within electrical engineering, computer engineering, 
computer science, electrical engineering technology, computer 
engineering technology, mechanical engineering and related disciplines. 
The special issue is aimed at gathering high-quality manuscripts to 
provide a major source of reference for the emerging robotics 
engineering education discipline. Topics of interest for this Special 
Issue include, but are not limited to:

- Curriculum development initiatives in robotics,
- Successful implementation of robotics courses and course content in 
electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, 
mechanical engineering and other related fields,
- The role of capstone design projects in robotics education,
- Synergy between robotics and other related engineering fields,
- Best practices and experience reports in robotics education,
- Assessment and accreditation in robotics education.

Authors wishing to contribute to this special issue must refer to the 
Transactions' Web site at 
http://www.ewh.ieee.org/soc/es/ToE-manuscript.html for information 
relative to the issues that must be addressed in manuscript preparation. 
Note that submitted manuscripts MUST report on work that is tied to an 
educational environment, and contain meaningful, statistically-sound, 
assessment/evaluation data that provides information relative to the 
strengths and weaknesses of the approaches being addressed, as well as a 
literature review that relates the work being presented within the 
proper context. The manuscripts must be directly relevant to the theme 
of the issue. Manuscripts should be planned to fit within six journal pages.

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically to the Transactions' 
Manuscript Central web site at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/te-ieee 
no later than 21 May 2012, with "Special Issue" being selected as 
"Manuscript Type" in the corresponding menu. For further information 
contact the Special Issue Editors for this issue:

Taskin Padir, tpadir at wpi.edu
Electrical & Computer Engineering Department
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Sonia Chernova, soniac at cs.wpi.edu
Computer Science Department
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

All submissions will be peer-reviewed by following the IEEE Transactions 
on Education review standards and processes.

Special Issue Timeline:
Manuscript Submission Deadline: 21 May 2012
Notification of Review Evaluation: 15 July 2012
Author Revision Due: 15 August 2012
Notification of Acceptance if Major Revision Required: 1 October 2012
Accepted Manuscripts Due for Editorial Review: 1 November 2012
Manuscript Packet Information Sent to Author: 16 November 2012
Manuscript Packet Due from Author to Editor: 16 December 2012
Tentative Publication Date: February 2013

Taskin Padir, PhD
Assistant Professor
Robotics Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
E-mail: tpadir at wpi.edu,
Office: Atwater Kent Labs 229,
RIVeR Lab: Atwater Kent Labs 123,
Office Phone: + (508) 831-6427,
Fax: + (508) 831-5491,
Mailing Address: 100 Institute Rd., Worcester, MA 01609

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