[robotics-worldwide] Open position in Robotics at University of Zaragoza, Spain

Luis Montano montano at unizar.es
Tue May 15 02:40:01 PDT 2012

Open position in Robotics for PhD Student.
*Planning and navigation techniques for multi-robot teams in 
navigability maps *
Robotics, Perception and Real-Time Lab at the I3A, Universidad de 
Zaragoza (Spain) is looking for PhD student candidates with excellent  
academic qualifications interested in pursuing a PhD in the context of  
projects focused on multi-robot navigation and perception techniques in 
large and dynamic environments. The research will be achieved within the 
Lab whose main research topics are robot motion planning and navigation, 
multi-robot systems, task planning and allocation, SLAM, computer 
vision, perception systems, and learning.

How to apply
If interested, please send:
1- C.V.
2- Motivation letter (career plan, motivation for PhD, statement of 
research interest)
3- Copy of original study certificates with list of subjects, grades, 
and scale (indicate min, max, and pass threshold for your class) for  
Master degree, Robotics, Computer Science, Mechatronics, Electrical 
Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,  Mathematics, Physics or similar.
4- Copy of international publications, if available (max 3).
5- Two references, including the email and phone contact details

*Deadline for application : June 11th, 2012
Send to: montano.phd.position.12 at gmail.com *

Academic: Excellent academic grades.
   - Computer Science, Robotics, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, 
Mechanical Engineering, Maths or Physics.
   - Master degree in the related areas will be valuable but not 

Background: Knowledge in robotics, motion planning, sensors.
   - Previous experience in robot navigation, perception systems, 
multi-robot systems, sensor fusion, vision is valuable
   - Programming skills in Matlab, C++  and ROS platform is valuable.

Nationality requirements: European Citizen or European residence 
Contract Type: Phd. Student Grant.
Position:  Phd. Student
Start Date: September 1, 2012
Duration in months:  48
Salary:  As determined by regulations of the Spanish PhD Student Grants 
(around 1200 euros/month)
Town:  Zaragoza
Country: Spain
Place of Work:  Universidad de Zaragoza, Aragon Institute of Engineering 
Research. Zaragoza.

*Research Topic: Planning and navigation techniques for multi-robot 
teams in navigability maps.*

The research will address the problem of cooperative motion planning 
and  navigation for multi-robot teams in navigability maps. The 
classical approaches of navigation planning in occupancy maps and 
uncertain maps only represent the occupancy and the geometric 
uncertainty in the environment. This research will extend to multi-robot 
motion planning in maps where, in addition to the occupancy of the 
static and dynamic obstacles and their uncertainty, other information 
will be modeled, such as maps of communications in the areas of signal 
coverage to maintain a given quality (QoS), and / or information about 
the likely of finding relevant objects or places in the scene.

This information will guide the planning of the trajectories for 
multi-robot systems within areas where it is likely to find the objects 
or places searched, or to have a good communication and DGPS coverage. A 
model to represent that coherent and consistent heterogeneous 
information will be established. It will be oriented to motion planning 
with minimal risk or maximum success probability. Probabilistic 
techniques will be used to represent information and to make coordinated 
navigation decisions consistent with the sensorial information.


Robotics, Perception, and Real-Time Group
Departamento de Informatica e Ingenieria de Sistemas
Escuela de Ingeniería y Arquitectura
Instituto de Investigación en Ingeniería de Aragón
Universidad de Zaragoza
Edificio Ada Byron, María de Luna, 1
E-50018 Zaragoza, Spain

Tel: (+34) 976 76 19 54
Fax: (+34) 976 76 19 14
E-mail: montano at unizar.es


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