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17-JULY 12 2012


The Interactive Robots and Media Lab of NYU AD, New York
University’s largest global campus (http://nyuad.nyu.edu), home to
"IbnSina", the world's first arabic speaking android robot and the
“FaceBots” social robots, is organizing its third international summer school,
which will take place in 2012 between June 17 and July 12, with a duration of
four weeks. 


The summer-school will be Research-Centered, with a strong focus
on mini-projects, with multiple teams of 3-5 students including a mix of
academic levels (Postdoc, PhD, undergrad). Selected seminars and lectures will
also take place.


There will be free accommodation as well as air tickets for a
limited number of applicants with excellent qualifications. Applicants can be
at postdoctoral, graduate, and also undergraduate level.


Excursions to local attractions (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujeirah etc)
will take place in the weekends, as well as tours of the region's numerous
spectacular sights.


To apply, please send CV as well as names and information of
three Referees to nmav at alum.mit.edu

For more information on some of the existing projects of our
lab: http://www.dr-nikolaos-mavridis.com


Desired qualifications


- Relevant Background in CS, EE, or Interactive Media

A mix of:

- Coding experience/expertise (C++ / Matlab / Java)

- Engineering / real world troubleshooting skills

- Psychological Experiment Design 

- Interest and experience in one or more of the following
technical areas:

Human-Robot Interaction, AI, computer vision, NLP, social

- Interest in cognitive science and philosophy advantageous

- Team working skills

- Most importantly, desire, imagination, systematicity and

in order to create the interactive robots and media of the



The IRML Lab


Core research areas include (but are not limited to):

Interactive and Social robotics and media, Human-Robot
Interaction, Autonomous Vehicles, Cognitive Systems


The lab is equipped with multiple robots (The Ibn Sina
human-size Android with full facial expressions, NAO humanoids, Pioneer and
other mobile robots, manipulator arms, UAVs), state-of-the-art full-body motion
capture, as well as advanced vision and other sensing systems.


Furthermore, IRML has continuous access to color 3D printing and

scanning, as well as to a machine shop, and microcontroller /
electronics labs, for prototyping novel interactive devices. In terms of
computational resources, there is access to high-performance computation, as
well as multiple workstations.


There is also close contact with numerous world-class
institutions and companies in the field, across three continents.


The University


New York University Abu Dhabi (http://nyuad.nyu.edu) is NYU’s largest
global campus, consisting of a world center for advanced research and
scholarship, and a highly selective liberal arts college — all fully integrated
with each other and connected to NYU in New York. Together, NYU New York and
NYU Abu Dhabi form the backbone of a unique Global Network University, with
faculty and students from New York and Abu Dhabi spending "semesters
away" at one or more of NYU's study abroad sites on five continents.


The place


Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and one of
the world’s most spectacular cities, undergoing rapid development. The island
capital is characterised by its signature Corniche, which fronts the amazing
turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf. You can stroll, cycle, roller-blade or
drive the Corniche for a journey to the tip where the majestic Emirates Palace
– one of the world’s most opulent hotels sits on 1.3 kilometres of pristine
beach. In Abu Dhabi city you’ll find all the conveniences of 21st century
capital living and with some surprising additions. One can tour the
awe-inspiring Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – one of the world’s largest – and you
can book into one of its many beach resorts. Fine dining abounds, as do
opportunities for more affordable fare in numerous city centre outlets.
Shopping is as diverse as the emirate – there’s everything from marble-clad
malls with haute couture brands to a textile souk (market) tucked away behind
the main Hamdan Centre and a carpet souk at the Mina (Port).


Many other interesting sites exist nearby, such as the oasis
city of Al Ain, and Dubai. Dubai, easily accessible by car from Abu Dhabi (one
hour), is also a vibrant and liberal multicultural city, a big commercial hub
of the middle east, and one of the most enjoyable places to visit, with lots of
interesting sights: the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa), one of
the most luxurious hotels in the world (Burj Al Arab), man-made island
communities in the shapes of palms visible from space, rich shopping malls with
artificial skiing centers. Fine cultural and artistic events also abound.


In short, this will be a summer school to remember, not only in
terms of research and learning, but also in terms of getting to know exciting
cultures and interesting colleagues from all over the world!


Dr. Nikolaos Mavridis

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ass. Professor, NYU AD

nmav at alum.mit.edu


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