[robotics-worldwide] CFP: AI and Robotics Multimedia Fair, AAAI'12

Junaed Sattar junaed at cim.mcgill.ca
Mon May 14 11:54:05 PDT 2012

AAAI-12, July 24-26, 2012 – Toronto, Canada
AI and Robotics Multimedia Fair

AAAI is pleased to present the inaugural AI and Robotics Multimedia Fair
at AAAI-12 in Toronto. The
program will consist of contributions to be presented as an illustration
of the combination of AI and Robotics.
The goal is twofold: for researchers and developers to showcase how they
view the use or need of AI techniques
in robotics systems; and for AI researchers to understand how their
interests can reach out to robotics platforms.
We call for three types of participation: (i) Robot Demonstrations; (ii)
Videos; and (iii) Posters. Submissions
can be in any or all of the three types. All contributions should be as
much as possible stand-alone and self-
explanatory, so that viewers can understand the technical problem, the
robotics approach, and the results.
Submissions should include links to further information, such as an
underlying research paper, or a project’s
website. Each contribution will be reviewed and authors will be notified
of the submission results, including
possible comments to improve the contribution.

The posters will be displayed throughout the conference. The videos and
robot demonstrations will be shown
as widely as possible, and at least during the evening poster session.
Contributors of accepted submissions
are not required to attend AAAI-12. However AAAI welcomes and encourages
participation of the
presenters at the Fair and is pleased to offer a discounted registration
fee (see below).

Submission Guidelines for Robot Demonstrations:
• Submit up to a 2-page description of the demonstration, including both
the technical content and the requirements
for the demonstration, such as space, table, access to power, and any
other conditions. Simple demonstrations
are encouraged and submissions may not be able to be accepted due to the
impossibility of meeting the demonstration

Submission Guidelines for Videos:
• Videos should include an English narration and/or title and subtitles.
• Video size should not exceed 100 megabytes, and duration should be
limited to a maximum of 5 minutes.
Short videos are encouraged.
• Video format is mandatory to be MPEG-4. Only freely available players
(e.g., QuickTime, RealPlayer,
Microsoft Windows Media Player, MPlayer, VLC) should be required for
viewing the video. The authors
must have copyright of the audio and visual content.
• Video contributions that do not comply with these guidelines and/or
contain inappropriate material (e.g.,
commercial or unethical content) will not be accepted.

Submission Guidelines for Posters:

• Posters must be in PDF or PPT format, and no larger than 44(width)
x34(height) when printed. Posters
with extensive and informative visuals are encouraged.

Submission Information:

Please send an http link to your submitted file to junaed at cs.ubc.ca. In
case of
multiple files, please submit a pointer to a ZIP archive combining the

Important Dates:

• June 10, 2012 (11:59:59 PM PDT): Submission deadline
• June 23, 2012: Acceptance with suggestions for improvement, if needed
• June 30, 2012: Authors submit final revised version

Discounted Registration Fee for AI and Robotics Multimedia Fair

A discounted registration fee of $250 is offered to presenters of
accepted contributions to participate at AAAI-12.

Junaed Sattar, PhD,
FRQNT Post-doctoral Fellow,
Laboratory for Computational Intelligence,
Department of Computer Science
University of British Columbia,
Vancouver, BC, Canada  V6T1Z4.

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