[robotics-worldwide] New open-source controls library available for Barrett WAM and BarrettHand users

Dan Cody dc at barrett.com
Fri May 18 14:19:39 PDT 2012

To WAM and BarrettHand users who did not purchase their equipment 
directly from Barrett:

Barrett Technology has just released a real-time controls library, 
known as "libbarrett". The library is open-source (GPL license), written 
in C++, and has convenient APIs for running 4-DOF WAMs, 7-DOF WAMs, the 
Barrett Force/Torque Sensor, and BH8-280 BarrettHands. Libbarrett runs 
on Linux operating systems with Xenomai 
(http://www.xenomai.org/) and Xenomai's RT-Socket-CAN driver. The 
library is tested using Ubuntu 9.10, 10.04, and 12.04.

With the exception of a few maintenance tasks, libbarrett replaces the 
older btclient controls library, which is no longer under active 

To find out more, visit our on-line support manual:

Please email support at barrett.com with any questions or feedback.

Dan Cody <dc at barrett.com>
Controls Engineer
Barrett Technology, Inc.
617-252-9000 x23

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