[robotics-worldwide] Robotica Volume 30 Part 4 July 2012

Gregory S Chirikjian gchirik1 at jhu.edu
Thu May 31 05:53:21 PDT 2012

Volume 30 Part 4 July 2012

In Memoriam: Professor Miomir Vukobratovi´c (1931–2012),
 Branislav Borovac                                                                        515

Feedback control framework for car-like robots using the unicycle
controllers, Maciej Micha³ek and Krzysztof Koz³owski                            517

Collision-free navigation of an autonomous unmanned helicopter in
unknown urban environments: sliding mode and MPC approaches,
Michael Hoy, Alexey S. Matveev, Matt Garratt and Andrey V. Savkin         537

Kinematic coupling complexity of heavy-payload forging manipulator,
Xiaobing Chu and Feng Gao                       551

Computational derivation of valid kinematic limbs of spatial 3-DOF
Parallel mechanisms without redundant constraint,  Yi Lu, Yang Lu,
Ling Ding and Nijia Ye                                                                 559

Robot navigation based on view sequences stored in a sparse  distributed
memory, Mateus Mendes, A. Paulo Coimbra and  Manuel M. Crisóstomo         571

Adjusting the parameters of the mechanical impedance for velocity,
impact and force control, Ranko Zotovic Stanisic and Ángel Valera
Fernández                                                                                 583

Algorithm for topological design of multi-loop hybrid mechanisms
via logical proposition, Qiang Zeng and Yuefa Fang                                 599

A novel curvature-based method for analyzing the second-order
immobility of frictionless grasp, Chen Luo, LiMin Zhu, and Han
Ding                                                                                         613

A stance period approach for simplified observation of galloping as
applied to canines, Surya P. N. Singh, and Kenneth J. Waldron                 627

Optimal mapping of joint faults into healthy joint velocity space for
fault-tolerant redundant manipulators, Hamid Abdi, Saeid Nahavandi,
Yakov Frayman and Anthony A. Maciejewski                                         635

Joint stiffness identification of industrial serial robots, Claire Dumas,
Stéphane Caro, Mehdi Cherif, Sébastien Garnier and Benoýt Furet         649
Self-deployment of mobile robotic sensor networks for multilevel barrier
coverage, Teddy M. Cheng and Andrey V. Savkin                                 661

Modeling and control of a spherical rolling robot: a decoupled dynamics
approach, Erkan Kayacan, Zeki Y. Bayraktaroglu and Wouter Saeys                 671

A dynamic localization algorithm for a high-speed mobile robot using
indoor GPS, Seungkeun Cho, Jaehyun Park and Jangmyung Lee                 681 

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