[robotics-worldwide] Post-doctoral Position on Theoretical Micro-robotics Research Sponsored by ONR

Mingjun Zhang mjzhang at utk.edu
Tue May 29 21:22:41 PDT 2012

For swimming microorganisms, their flagella spend a significant percentage
of the total available energy to budget on movement. It is believed that
high energy-efficient propulsion mechanisms were selected over the course
of evolution.  However, it is not clear how micro/nano-scale dynamics,
control and morphology of the flagella may contribute to the overall system
performance, especially in terms of efficiency of the propulsion and
surface attachment. Quantitative analysis of the propulsion mechanisms for
multi-scale swimming organisms using nano-scale science and engineering
approach could potentially inspire novel design for energy-efficient
propulsion mechanisms.

We have an immediate opening position for theoretical researchers on design
of propulsion mechanisms for bio-inspired swimming micro-robotics. The
position involves investigation of dynamics modeling and control of
fluid-body-flagellum interactions of biological swimming microorganisms,
and inspiration for design of bio-inspired swimming micro-robots. The goal
is to discover potential scaling principles from nano-, to micro- and
macro-scale for propulsion system design in terms of nano-structures,
mechanical configuration, and dynamics control.

Training on robotics, dynamics, control, mathematics, or engineering
mechanics is expected. This position will interact with biologists and
experimental researchers on bio-inspired micro/nano-robots using biological

Some related work can be found at PNAS (10.1073/pnas.1106904108). More
recent theoretical work is in press.

Interested candidates please send CV and selected publications to

mingjunzhang at ieee.org  or mjzhang at utk.edu

Mingjun Zhang

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