[robotics-worldwide] Post-doc Position in Microrobotics at FEMTO-ST Institute, Besancon, France

Nicolas Andreff nicolas.andreff at femto-st.fr
Tue Nov 6 05:48:12 PST 2012

Postdoc Fellowship :
Design and fabrication of rapid and high range micropositionner 
for laser scanning in phonomicrosurgery

The FEMTO-ST Institute
proposes a 1-year postdoc fellowship in the framework of the µRALP
project (2012-2015, EU FP7 ICT – Challenge 2 “Cognitive systems and
), which addresses “Microtechnologies and systems for robot-assisted
laser phonomicrosurgery”. This is a multidisciplinary project,
involving ENT surgeons and scientists in microrobotics, vision, optics,
mechatronics, and cognition. This project proposes to design of a novel
endoscopic system for laser phonomicrosurgery. Its main goal is to
create new assistive technologies and robotic tools to provide safety,
efficiency, and improved quality to these surgical procedures. The
central idea is to augment the surgeon's dexterity, manipulation skills
and efficiency through advanced surgeon-robot interfaces, sensors,
actuators and supervisory safety. 

The research associated to the proposed postdoc fellowship is the
design and the fabrication of a micropositionner for laser scanning.
The postdoc fellow will have to choose the actuators able to produce a
large stroke with high dynamic. Moreover, the design and fabrication of
a scanning mirror is constrained by a footprint less than 5mm x 5mm
where the active part has to be large enough for the laser spot size.
The challenge of the research is to reach faster response and higher
scanning range within the defined size than the state of the art. The
fellow will have access to FEMTO-ST's 770m² cleanroom facilities. 

The candidate will integrate the Biomedical Micro-/Nano-Robotics
(MiNaRoB) group (
in the AS2M Department of FEMTO-ST Institute. This institute is the
largest French research lab in Engineering, with its 650 members
including Ph.D students, researchers, professors, and administrative
staff. It is located in the historical city Besançon (2 hours from
Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg and less than 3 hours from Karlsruhe, Zürich,
Lausanne by train) with low life cost. In addition, the French
healthcare service is one of the best in the world, offering a wide
choice of general practitioners and healthcare specialists. Last but
not least, local ski resorts can be found within an hour drive and the
Alps are 3 hours away by car.

Required expertise:
The candidates are expected to have experience in two or more of the
following areas: MEMS, robotics, micromachining, FEM simulation, and
modelling of mechatronic systems.

Important dates:
Application procedure opens: 	Nov. 1st, 2012
Application due date: 		Dec. 16th, 2012
Decision date: 			Dec. 20th, 2012
Expected start of the fellowship: 	February 2013.
Nicolas Andreff, Université de Franche-Comté, UFR-ST
Dpt Automatique et Systèmes Micro-Mécatroniques (AS2M)

-> Contact :
FEMTO-ST / AS2M           | Tel/Phone : +33 - 381 40 29 61
24, Rue Alain Savary      | Fax       : +33 - 381 40 28 09
25000 Besançon

NB: "å" ~ "o"

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