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Lorenzo Riano lorenzo.riano at berkeley.edu
Fri Nov 9 10:00:27 PST 2012

The Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC) is a major research unit
within the Faculty of Computing and Engineering and is located at the Magee

The ISRC is dedicated to the creation of intelligent computational systems,
taking inspiration from, and learning from, biology and neuroscience. The
work of the Centre is directed at achieving a greater understanding of
biological signal processing and the translation of critical aspects of
that knowledge into computational systems that can perform in a way that
humans would consider intelligent. It seeks to research and create systems
that are capable of learning, evolving, adapting, self-organising and
communicating effectively with humans and other machines.

A major unit within the Centre is the Cognitive Robotics Research Team,
which is located in one of the best-equipped robotics research laboratories
in Europe and is engaged in a range of national and international projects.

The University now wishes to appoint an outstanding applicant who will
contribute to the cognitive robotics research within the ISRC, with an
emphasis on mobile robotics. He/She will be responsible for research in the
area of modern mobile robotics learning, skills acquisition and skills
development, applying computational intelligence techniques in the pursuit
of these goals. He/She will also contribute to delivering high quality
teaching. Applicants must have excellent software engineering skills in a
robotics context and a thorough understanding of the research challenges of
cognitive robotics systems.

Please visit Lecturer in Cognitive Robotics . Job Reference:
more information and to apply, or email Martin McGinnity  <
tm.mcginnity at ulster.ac.uk>

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