[robotics-worldwide] research position in urban autonomous driving

Domenico G. Sorrenti sorrenti at disco.unimib.it
Fri Nov 9 09:55:25 PST 2012

Research Position in Urban Autonomous Driving

The IRA lab. of Dept. Informatica, Sistemistica and Comunicazione
of Universita` degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca has an opening for
a 1-year research fellowship in the framework of an applied research
project, co-funded by Regione Lombardia, the university, and Info
Solution S.p.A., a SME specializing in embedded control and guidance

One of the objectives of the funding programme is to ease the
recruiting of the fellow by the company after the fellowiship, by
introducing her/him to the company by sharing the project tasks,
spending short period of time at the company premises, and having
the company introducing the fellow to their software development
process (~MIL-STD-498).

Therefore the activity will take place at the university (where
both a research vehicle and suitable private spaces for trials are
available) as well as at the company premises.

The project title is "OMMAVE: Odometria Multi-sensoriale per la
Mobilità Automatica di VEicoli" (Multi-sensorial odometry for the
automatic mobility of vehicles).

In short, the project objective reads: "A localization component
for autonomously driven vehicles will be developed. This component
will integrate with the GPS signal, overcoming its absences, due to
vegetation, buildings. clouds, etc. The component will exploit data
from sensors as cameras, laser scanners, and inertials."

The candidate one needs to hold a laurea magistrale degree or
equivalent degree, implying at least 5 years after completion of
high school, in a scientific or technological area; a Ph.D. degree
is preferred, but it is not required.

The candidate will have to:
- have good programming abilities;
- have an introductory knowledge of:
  - analytic and projective geometry, and linear algebra,
  - mechanics of bodies, representation of rototranslations,
  - robotics, and Bayesian filtering,
  - software engineering,
  - C and C++ programming languages,
  - Matlab programming environment,
  - OpenCV library.

"Nice to have" competences are:
- writing capabilities of contributions to international conferences
  / journals,
- knowledge of the graphic programming environment gnome under linux,
- knowledge of the graphic programming environment QT,
- knowledge of public domain cartographic systems,
- design of printed circuit boards.

The fellowship is worth about 1430eur/month.

The deadline for submitting the application is November 22nd, 2012.

The selection will be performed by a commission of professors of the
Department Informatica, Sistemistica e Comunicazione, basing on the
evaluation of the submitted documentation, and an interview.

The interview is scheduled for November 30th, 2012 at about 11:30am
(GMT+1). Candidates can ask to arrange a telematic interview at the
same time.

The call can be found at the following links:

Further details can be asked to prof. Domenico G. Sorrenti
tel: +39 026448.7841,
email: domenico.sorrenti at unimib.it.

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