[robotics-worldwide] Funded MS/PhD Position in Control of exoskeletons (Rice University)

Marcia O'Malley omalleym at rice.edu
Tue Nov 13 20:24:03 PST 2012

Subject: Funded MS/PhD Position in Control of exoskeletons (Rice University)
The MAHI Lab at Rice University (http://mahilab.rice.edu) expects to have at
least one open funded position for a graduate student entering in Fall 2013.
The student will participate in an exciting collaborative research project
on the design and control of robotic exoskeletons with applications in
clinical rehabilitation and potential applications for long-duration space
flight countermeasures, in collaboration with NASA Johnson Space Center's
Dexterous Robotics Lab. The project will primarily involve the design of an
upper extremity exoskeleton, followed by implementation of control
algorithms for upper extremity movements (with a focus on shoulder and
elbow). The movements, facilitated by the robotic exoskeleton, could be
aimed at rehabilitation after brain/spinal cord injury, or to prevent loss
of bone and muscle mass often experienced during extended exposure to
microgravity. The recruited student will be expected to work closely with
the DRL on these activities, including spending meaningful periods of time
embedded in the DRL. This effort is aimed at extending the DRL's existing
efforts in exoskeletons (see http://er.jsc.nasa.gov/er4/ for more


Applicants should have a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree in mechanical
engineering or closely related fields (e.g. robotics, electrical engineering
or control engineering).  We seek applicants with background in dynamic
systems and controls, experience in hardware design and fabrication, and
interest in human biomechanics and neuromuscular control. Complementary
skills in computer science, biomechanics, and/or neuroscience would also be
valuable, although not required.

Excellent communication and collaboration skills are required as the
selected students will be expected to work closely with current lab members
and with collaborators.

Because of the nature of this collaboration and the funding, only U.S.
Citizens will be considered.

Application Process

See http://memsweb.rice.edu/Content.aspx?id=185 for information on applying.
Students enter the program in Fall of 2013 (application deadline February 1,
2013). Students should indicate a specialization of dynamic systems,
control, robotics; a degree program preference (either M.S. or Ph.D. in
mechanical engineering); and should specify in their statement that they are
responding to this advertisement for a position in the MAHI lab under the
direction of Professor Marcia O'Malley. Please discuss in your statement
your availability to begin research activities early, for example mid-May or
June of 2013.

Rice University is a leading research university in the vibrant urban
setting of Houston, TX, the fourth largest city in the U.S. Rice is a small,
private university with strengths in areas including engineering,
biomedicine, and nanotechnology. The undergraduate engineering program is
ranked 16th (2013, US News & World Report) nationally.

Marcia K. O'Malley (Marcie), Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Rice University, 6100 Main Street
MEMS - MS 321, Houston, TX 77005-1892
Phone: (713) 348-3545, Fax: (713) 348-5423
omalleym at rice.edu - http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~omalleym

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