[robotics-worldwide] Research Associate in Trustworthy Robotic Assistants

Kerstin Eder Kerstin.Eder at bristol.ac.uk
Thu Nov 15 16:51:51 PST 2012

Research Associate in Trustworthy Robotic Assistants


The Computer Science Department at the University of Bristol invites 
applications for a Post Doctoral Research Associate position in a new 
project towards “Trustworthy Robotic Assistants (RoboSafe)” funded by 
the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council under grant 
number EP/K006320/1.

The RoboSafe project is focused on investigating the rich high-level 
behaviours of robotic assistants during interaction with humans. It 
brings together expertise in formal verification, simulation-based 
testing and user evaluation to develop a holistic approach for the 
analysis of safety in human-robot interactions. Research aims at 
enhancing and integrating these, very distinct, approaches, so that they 
can best complement each other. The research programme is driven by 
realistic human-robot interaction scenarios; one of these is hosted at 
the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. The RoboSafe project offers a great 
opportunity to further enhance your research expertise, to gain 
practical experience with human-assistive robots and the associated 
safety requirements, and to benefit from the knowledge of a team of 
internationally recognized experts.

You will be working in close collaboration with Dr Eder and Prof Pipe at 
the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. Depending on your experience, there are 
opportunities for you to take significant initiative, leadership and 
responsibility towards realizing the research objectives of the RoboSafe 
project. Your research will be focused on developing a practical 
human-robot interaction scenario based on existing applications at the 
Bristol Robotics Laboratory, identifying and specifying safety 
requirements for this scenario, and developing verification / validation 
techniques to demonstrate the satisfaction of these safety requirements. 
In collaboration with our project partners, the University of Liverpool 
and the University of Hertfordshire, you will contribute towards the 
development of a second human-robot interaction scenario, and, finally, 
towards the evaluation and the integration of the techniques developed 
into a novel holistic methodology that enables the design of safe and 
trustworthy robotic assistants.

You hold, or expect to hold, a PhD in Computer Science or Robotics, or 
in a closely related field and have started to build up a strong 
publication record. You must have sound programming skills that enable 
you to quickly integrate software for robotic experiments. It would be 
an advantage to have a strong background in at least one of the 
following areas: safety in human-robot interaction, computer-aided 
verification, simulation-based testing, formal methods, including formal 
modelling, formal specification and verification. You have excellent 
written and spoken communication skills and an ability to explain and 
share deep concepts and techniques with colleagues. You enjoy working in 
a team and have excellent self-motivation. Most of all, you seek an 
intellectual challenge, are keen to learn, ready to take initiative and 
responsibility, and strive for excellence in research. Fresh PhD 
graduates are very strongly encouraged to apply.

The closing date for applications is midnight on 16 December 2012.

Interviews are expected to be held either before 21st December 2012 or 
in the week beginning 7th January 2013. The RoboSafe project will start 
in March 2013.

For further information and to discuss details please contact the 
Principal Investigator, Dr Kerstin Eder, on 0044 117 9545146 or by email 
Kerstin.Eder at bristol.ac.uk. Alternatively, please contact Prof Tony Pipe 
on 0044 117 3286330 or by email Tony.Pipe at brl.ac.uk.

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