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The latest issue of the IEEE Transactions on Robotics is available
online at:


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The table of contents is as follows:

* A Complete Method for Workspace Boundary Determination on General
   Structure Manipulators
   Bohigas, O.; Manubens, M.; Ros, L.
   Page(s): 993 - 1006

* Flea-Inspired Catapult Mechanism for Miniature Jumping Robots
   Minkyun Noh; Seung-Won Kim; Sungmin An; Je-Sung Koh; Kyu-Jin Cho
   Page(s): 1007 - 1018

* Bilateral Teleoperation of Groups of Mobile Robots With Time-Varying
   Franchi, A.; Secchi, C.; Hyoung Il Son; Bulthoff, H.H.;
   Giordano, P.R.
   Page(s): 1019 - 1033

* Coherent Pattern Prediction in Swarms of Delay-Coupled Agents
   Mier-y-Teran-Romero, L.; Forgoston, E.; Schwartz, I.B.
   Page(s): 1034 - 1044

* A Human-Aware Manipulation Planner
   Sisbot, E.A.; Alami, R.
   Page(s): 1045 - 1057

* Modeling the Motion of Microrobots on Surfaces Using Nonsmooth
   Multibody Dynamics
   Nagy, Z.; Leine, R.I.; Frutiger, D.R.; Glocker, C.; Nelson, B.J.
   Page(s): 1058 - 1068

* Moving Groups of Microparticles Into Array With a Robot-Tweezers
   Manipulation System
   Haoyao Chen; Dong Sun
   Page(s): 1069 - 1080

* Asynchronous Event-Based Visual Shape Tracking for Stable Haptic
   Feedback in Microrobotics
   Zhenjiang Ni; Bolopion, A.; Agnus, J.; Benosman, R.; Regnier, S.
   Page(s): 1081 - 1089

* Automated Multiprobe Microassembly Using Vision Feedback
   Wason, J.D.; Wen, J.T.; Gorman, J.J.; Dagalakis, N.G.
   Page(s): 1090 - 1103

* Zebedee: Design of a Spring-Mounted 3-D Range Sensor with
   Application to Mobile Mapping
   Bosse, M.; Zlot, R.; Flick, P.
   Page(s): 1104 - 1119

* Interpolation Volume Calibration: A Multisensor Calibration
   Technique for Electromagnetic Trackers
   Himberg, H.; Motai, Y.; Bradley, A.
   Page(s): 1120 - 1130

* Toward Brain-Actuated Humanoid Robots: Asynchronous Direct Control
   Using an EEG-Based BCI
   Yongwook Chae; Jaeseung Jeong; Sungho Jo
   Page(s): 1131 - 1144

* Design and Control of a Variable Stiffness Actuator Based on
   Adjustable Moment Arm
   Byeong-Sang Kim; Jae-Bok Song
   Page(s): 1145 - 1151

* An Active Uprighting Mechanism for Flying Robots
   Klaptocz, A.; Daler, L.; Briod, A.; Zufferey, J.C.; Floreano, D.
   Page(s): 1152 - 1157

* Three-DOF Microrobotic Platform Based on Capillary Actuation
   Lenders, C.; Gauthier, M.; Cojan, R.; Lambert, P.
   Page(s): 1157 - 1161

* A Dual Quaternion Solution to Attitude and Position Control for
   Rigid-Body Coordination
   Xiangke Wang; Changbin Yu; Zhiyun Lin
   Page(s): 1162 - 1170

* Grasp Input Optimization Taking Contact Position and Object
   Information Uncertainties into Consideration
   Fungtammasan, P.; Watanabe, T.
   Page(s): 1170 - 1177

* Path Connectivity of the Free Space
   Rodriguez, A.; Mason, M.T.
   Page(s): 1177 - 1180

* Cooperative Patrolling via Weighted Tours: Performance Analysis
   and Distributed Algorithms
   Pasqualetti, F.; Durham, J.W.; Bullo, F.
   Page(s): 1181 - 1188

* Bags of Binary Words for Fast Place Recognition in Image Sequences
   Galvez-Lo.pez, D.; Tardos, J.D.
   Page(s): 1188 - 1197

* Shape-Programmable Soft Capsule Robots for Semi-Implantable
   Drug Delivery
   Sehyuk Yim; Sitti, M.
   Page(s): 1198 - 1202
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