[robotics-worldwide] Call for Papers: Special Issue on Robot Vision

Udo Frese udo.frese at dfki.de
Tue Nov 20 02:21:18 PST 2012

            CALL FOR PAPERS

Journal of Real-Time Image Processing

   Special Issue on Robot Vision

Guest Editors:
Udo Frese (University of Bremen)
Heiko Hirschmueller (German Aerospace Center, DLR)

The special issue focuses on real-time vision for robots.  Original
theoretical as well as practical contributions are of interest. Papers 
addressing specific scenarios
and applications are welcome if they provide lessons learned beyond this 
one scenario.
Relevant topics for this special issue include but are not limited to

- real-time stereo matching
- real-time localization (visual odometry, optical flow, localization 
w.r.t. a map)
- real-time object recognition for robotics
- real-time object or feature tracking
- real-time interpretation and integration of RGBD-data
- real-time fusion of vision with other sensors
- real-time visual perception / action cycle
- real-time vision for human-robot interaction
- vision based navigation and path planning
- visual servoing
- vision in RoboCup
- implementations on the GPU, FPGA or embedded systems for all of the above
- benchmarks for all of the above
- real-world applications of all of the above

Papers submission 15 April 2013
First review by 1 September 2013
Second review by 15 December 2013
Camera ready papers by 15 February, 2014
(note: papers are reviewed as soon as they are submitted and
  appear online soon after they are accepted).

More information at

ufrese at informatik.uni-bremen.de ,  heiko.hirschmueller at dlr.de

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