[robotics-worldwide] Invitation to the mailing list of IEEE-RAS Technical Committee on Soft Robotics

Fumiya Iida iidaf at ethz.ch
Wed Nov 28 06:21:58 PST 2012

Dear members of robotics-worldwide

It is my great pleasure of announcing that we are currently starting up a mailing list of Technical Committee on Soft Robotics, which was recently approved by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (IEEE-RAS). If you are interested in soft robotics research and would like to subscribe to the mailing lists, please visit the following website for registration: 


1. Briefly about the Technical Committee on Soft Robotics: 
Given the growing interests of soft bodies and soft materials in the use of robotic applications, we decided to propose a Technical Committee in the framework of IEEE-RAS (IEEE-RAS TC). The main goal of this TC is to develop a community where researchers with similar interests could share the ideas and knowledge and promote collaborations for efficient and effective progress of the field. We are currently setting up an official website for IEEE-RAS-TC on Soft Robotics where we describe more details of missions and plans. 

While I was preparing for the proposal, the following persons kindly supported the proposal as the co-founder of this TC: Cecilia Laschi (SSSA), Rob Wood (Harvard), Akio Ishiguro (Tohoku University), Dario Floreano (EPFL), Rolf Pfeifer (University of Zurich), Carmel Majidi (CMU), Kyujin Cho (Seoul National University), Hod Lipson (Cornell University), Daniela Rus (MIT), Barry Trimmer (Tufts University), Maarja Kruusmaa (Tallinn University of Technology).   

2. About this mailing list:
This mailing list will be the main communication channel of the TC in which any members of this community can transmit any information about soft robotics research. Therefore I would like to encourage all of you to actively communicate your exciting ideas, opinions, advertisement of event or positions, or any other information relevant to this community. While we plan to moderate this mailing list, we will try to make this list as active as possible. Also please let us know if you have any ideas to keep this community active and creative.

If you want to circulate your message, simply send a standard email to:
softrobotics at sympa.ethz.ch

So far we have approximately 140 email addresses registered in this list, mostly graduate students and active researchers of soft robotics research. 

3. Promotion of this mailing list:
To attract many researchers, please distribute this advert email to your colleagues and students who could be potentially interested in the community. Anyone can subscribe/unsubscribe to this mailing list from the website above. 

We are looking very much forward to developing an outstanding community with you!
Best regards,
Fumiya Iida 

Fumiya IIDA Dr. sc. nat. 
SNF Professor 
Bio-Inspired Robotics Lab 
Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems ETH Zurich 
LEO-D 9.2, Leonhardstrasse 27, CH-8092 Zurich, Switzerland 
Phone: +41 44 632 07 08 
Fax : +41 44 632 14 68 
Email: iidaf at ethz.ch 
URL : www.birl.ethz.ch 

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