[robotics-worldwide] Postdoc position in humanoid robotics at ISIR/UPMC (Paris, France)

Vincent Padois vincent.padois at upmc.fr
Wed Nov 28 00:22:56 PST 2012

The ISIR laboratory at Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC, Paris,
France) is looking for a postdoctoral candidate to perform research in the
field of humanoid robot whole body control.

This research will be performed within the framework of the CODYCO
FP7-STREP European project that will start in march 2013. This project, led
by Francesco Nori at IIT (Genova, Italy), aims at exploring multi-contact
control strategies for humanoid robots evolving in environments where
contact interactions can be non rigid (compliant) and unpredictable. It
includes human studies, control and learning aspects but also software
developments and implementation on the iCub robot.

The work of the successful candidate will mostly focus on whole-body
control with the goals of:
- extending existing work in the domain to cases where properly controlling
the compliance of the contacts is a major issue;
- successfully implementing the proposed control algorithms in realistic
simulations and on the iCub robot.

Part of the work will also aim at exploiting the machine learning
techniques specifically developed by partners of the project in order to
provide adaptability and decision making capabilities to the proposed
control algorithms.

The ideal candidate must have:
- a strong background in Robotics and in humanoid robots model-based whole
body control;
- excellent C++ programming skills and good software engineering
- excellent collaborative working capabilities.

A research background in machine learning and some research experience with
iCub would also be valuable assets.

The position is available starting from march 2013 for a potentially 3
years contract. Salary will be competitive and based on experience and
University policy.

To apply, please contact Vincent Padois AND Olivier Sigaud
(firstname_dot_name_at_upmc_dot_fr) with your cv and a letter including
references, a brief introduction of your research background and plans.

Quick links:
- Vincent Padois: http://people.isir.upmc.fr/padois
- Olivier Sigaud: http://people.isir.upmc.fr/sigaud
- ISIR: http://www.isir.upmc.fr/
- The CODYCO project: http://www.codyco.eu <http://macsi.isir.upmc.fr/>

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