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TOBI Workshop IV -- Call for participation

*Practical Brain-Computer Interfaces for End-Users: Progress and Challenges*

Sion, Switzerland
January 23-25, 2013


The brain--computer interface (BCI) technology uses brain signals to 
directly drive external devices. Over the past decade, BCIs have begun 
to provide basic communication and motor control abilities to people 
with severe motor disabilities, thus offering a unique opportunity to 
improve their quality of life.

TOBI, and similar efforts worldwide, promised to push the field forward, 
from laboratory to home environments, from research experimental setups 
to real-world prototypes, and from healthy participants to end-user 
studies. Progress along all these lines has been made, mainly because of 
a holistic user-centered approach and the integration of novel research 
components in areas such as hybrid BCI, online adaptation and mental 
states, as well as human-computer interaction. Yet, we are still facing 
challenges in bringing BCI to end-users for their daily use.

The 4th and final TOBI workshop seeks to bring together all researchers, 
rehabilitation professionals, clinicians, and potential end-users in the 
field of BCI to share their progress, experience and prospects in 
practical BCIs for the end-users. We are thus soliciting contributions 
reporting progress in end-user studies as well as basic research facing 
the challenges in bringing BCI to end-users for their daily use.

Topics of interest, but not limited to, include:
?End-user studies and experiences with BCI technology
?User-centered approaches and user training
?Development and benefits of hybrid BCIs
?Online adaptation and monitoring of mental states
?Human-computer interaction
?Novel BCI principles and paradigms
?Ethical issues in BCIs
?Technology transfer to industrial products

*Scientific Program:*
The scientific program will consist of a series of keynote talks, oral 
presentations, poster presentations, live demonstrations, and round tables.

Papers accepted for presentation will be assigned either to an oral or 
poster session. In the same sessions, members of the TOBI project will 
report their achievements.

_Keynote Speakers_
?Prof. Niels Birbaumer, Univ. Tübingen & IRRCS S Camillo Hospital 
(Venice, Italy)
?Prof. Grégoire Courtine, EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland)
?Dr. José L. Pons, CSIC (Madrid, Spain)

More keynote speakers will be announced soon.

_Confirmed Speakers_
?José del R. Millán
?Donatella Mattia
?Klaus-R. Müller
?Gernot R. Müller-Putz
?Andrea Kübler
?Roderick Murray-Smith
?Rüdiger Rupp
?Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf
?Gerd Grübler

*Round Table:*
Round table discussions will provide the opportunity for a dialog between:
?Industrial companies

*Cluster Session on BCI and Ethics:*
Ethics appointees from BCI projects are invited to introduce and discuss 
important ethical issues of their projects. Please register for the 
session with a short abstract.

Practical live demonstrations of TOBI prototypes will present the state 
of the art of BCI to potential end-users and rehabilitation professionals.

*Important dates:*
Deadline for paper submission (2 pages): December 6, 2012 (Midnight 
Central European Time)
Outcome of paper review: December 19, 2012
Deadline for final version of the paper:January 10, 2013
Deadline for early registration (70 EUR): January 10, 2013
Workshop date:January 23-25, 2013

*Registration Fees:
*Early registration (until Jan. 10, 2013):    70 EUR
Late registration (until Jan. 20, 2013):    120 EUR
Onsite registration:                                170 EUR

Prof. Dr. José del R. Millán
Defitech Chair in Non-Invasive Brain-Machine Interface
Center for Neuroprosthetics
Institute of Bioengineering. School of Engineering
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
ELB 138. Station 11
CH-1015 Lausanne

Tel: +41-21-6937391
Fax: +41-21-6935307
jose.millan at epfl.ch

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