[robotics-worldwide] Worldwide Interactive Map of Robot Manufacturers

Frank Tobe @ The Robot Report ftobe at therobotreport.com
Tue Nov 27 14:13:44 PST 2012

Here is a link to a map of 1,000 world-wide robot providers:


The legend for the map is:

	Red:	Industrial robot manufacturers
	Blue "S"	Service robot makers for governmental or corporate use
	Blue "P"	Service robot makers for personal and private use
	Green:	Start-up companies
	Yellow:	Top 20 robotics-focused educational and research facilities

The global map does not cover an additional 825 ancillary businesses such as image systems, software developers, engineering and consulting firms, integrators and resellers, designers, servo, laser and stereo camera providers, etc. Nor does it cover 225 other educational facilities and research labs. These can be found in ourAncillary Businesses and Educational and Research Facilities Directories.

The map is also limited by my own research capabilities, language translation limitations, and scarcity of information about robotics companies in emerging countries. It show a single entry for a company headquarters regardless how many branches, subsidiaries and locations that company might have.

This map is a work in progress and I would appreciate your sending me any companies not on the map or in the ancillary businesses or educational facilities directories.

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