[robotics-worldwide] PostDoc position: CAD model refinement in Robotics (CEA LIST)

GEFFARD Franck 157684 franck.geffard at cea.fr
Tue Oct 9 02:49:32 PDT 2012

Please find below a Postdoctoral position available immediately:


CEA LIST (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission)

Job Description:

Based on its long experience in teleoperation (see [1]), the Interactive
Robotics Laboratory (LRI) of the CEA LIST is pursuing research in the field of
operator gesture assistance. For that purpose, the laboratory developed a
robotic 3D supervisor in order to realize interactive physical simulations and to prepare missions. If the simulation is well suited to mission planning, 3D supervision is of interest only if the model and the location of the simulated environment accurately reflect reality.
Various works within the LRI and more generally within the CEA LIST / DIASI
participated in refining CAD model parts using vision or force sensing (autonomous or supervised methods). This allows to locate the robot in its
environment and thus to assist the operator in manipulation or grasping tasks.
The main objectives of this post-doc are: 
1.	to evaluate the existing localization methods, 
2.	to contribute to the improvement of these methods, if necessary, 
3.	to introduce a mixed approach of localization using vision and effort.

To do this, the candidates will have at his disposal experimental robotic means and software platforms for vision refinement and virtual reality, coming from different laboratories of CEA LIST DIASI (Computer vision laboratory http://www.kalisteo.fr/en/index.htm, Virtual Reality Laboratory
The post-doc will work in collaboration with laboratories mentioned above. The fields of application foreseen are autonomous manipulation, as well as
teleoperation and comanipulation.

[1]: F. Geffard& al, "TAO2000 V2 computer-assisted force feedback
telemanipulators used as maintenance and production tools at the AREVA NC-La
Hague fuel recycling plant", Journal of Field Robotics, Volume 29, Issue 1,
pages 161-174, January/Feb

The position is limited to 24 months. Anticipated starting date is the early beginning of 2013. Appointment will be based on qualifications.


Applicants should have (by the starting date) a PhD in Robotics or Computer
Science or related areas and ideally should have a strong background in the following research areas:
 * CAD refinement,
 * Virtual Reality,
 * Computer Vision,
 * Robotic systems,
Knowledge of C/C++ is necessary.

Moreover, as the post-doc will be involved in a French project, knowledge of French would be appreciated.

How to Apply:
In order to be eligible, the candidate must have his PhD for less than 2 years, and since his PhD defence the candidate must have only accepted, at most, one fulltime post-doctorate contract.
To apply, please send completed applications including a complete CV, two
representative published manuscripts, and names and contact information of 2
references to:
franck.geffard at cea.fr or marie.rivasseau at cea.fr

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