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Wed Oct 10 10:03:01 PDT 2012

I would like to post the following job requisition on robotics-worldwide.

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Patti Bolton
Altius Space Machines

*Robotic Grasper Engineer Position

*We have updated and broadened the job requisition that was posted around
September 17, 2012 so it may apply to more than five people on the planet.

Are you a robot hand virtuoso looking to take your skills to entirely new
heights? Always wanted to work on a "tractor beam"? Want to make
science-fiction become science-fact? If so, Altius Space Machines has a
need for you!

Altius Space Machines is seeking an engineer, physicist, or roboticist who
is passionate about space, highly self-directed and self-motivated, and who
loves to design and build robotic mechanisms. This position is not just for
theoretical research, but for practical, hands-on development of real
functional hardware, which will be flying in space in the next 2-3 years.

The person hired for this position will be involved in all aspects of the
development process (conceptualization, design, fabrication, testing, and
mission operations support) for a family of novel robotic graspers being
developed for space applications. These graspers utilize resettable
adhesive technologies such as gecko adhesion to adhere to the surfaces of
target objects in space without the need of pre-emplaced structural docking
points, enabling applications such as satellite servicing, space junk
removal, and commercial space station deliveries.

At Altius we believe in hiring the best and actively encouraging
creativity, so in addition to the core engineering responsibilities, Altius
provides weekly time and discretionary funding to encourage self-directed
research and other relevant individual pursuits.

*Minimum requirements:*

   - Experience conceptualizing, designing, and prototyping robotic
   - Personal experience fabricating parts with machine shop and/or rapid
   prototyping equipment
   - General mechanical aptitude; understanding of design processes (proper
   concept generation and selection based on mechanism requirements)
   - Significant CAD experience, preferably SolidWorks
   - Good teamwork, interpersonal and communication skills
   - Design and/or prototype fabrication experience in one or more of the
   following technical areas (please include in your portfolio information
   demonstrating your experience in these areas—pictures are highly

·         Robotic hands or graspers

·         Underactuated mechanisms

·         Biomimetic robots (graspers, mobility systems, etc)

·         Robotic Manipulators

·         Additive manufacturing processes (especially Shape Deposition
Manufacturing or other multi-material 3D printing processes)

·         Anything else you can convince us is relevant to designing and
building a space-rated Gecko foot

*Other relevant skills/experience:*

   - Experience with structural, kinematic, and dynamic analysis (FEA,
   modal analysis, multibody dynamics simulation, etc. using SolidWorks
   Simulation, MATLAB Simulink and SimMechanics, and/or Adams Multibody
   Dynamics Simulation, etc.)
   - Experience with other mechatronics systems including electromechanical
   - Basic protoype-level electronic skills
   - Basic programming and/or embedded programming skills (C, C++, and/or
   - Experience preparing part/drawings for manufacture (specific
   familiarity and experience with ASME Y14 digital definition, tolerancing
   and dimensioning standards would be helpful)
   - Robotic force closure and robotic control experience would each be a

This is a full time position.

U.S. citizenship or U.S. permanent residency required.

*Application Instructions:*

Please send cover letter, with resume, to
resumes at altius-space.com<resumes at altius-space.com?subject=Robotic%20Grasper%20Mechanical%20Engineer%20Web%20Page>describing
the unique way your qualifications and interests match this
position. As mentioned above, please include a descriptive photo portfolio
of previous robotic graspers and other robotic mechanisms you have designed
and built. Prove to us that you are a creator, a builder, and a roboticist
par excellence.

*About Altius Space Machines:*

Altius Space Machines is a Louisville, Colorado based space technology
company that is developing rendezvous and docking solutions based around
its Sticky Boom™ "mechanical tractor-beam" technology. This technology,
which enables firmly connecting to any object in space, will not only
revolutionize the way space station deliveries are made, but also enable
exciting new capabilities including satellite servicing, space debris
removal, and scientific sample return missions.

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