[robotics-worldwide] Registration reminder and CFP: International Symposium on Constructive Developmental Science on Nov. 28 in Osaka, Japan

Hisashi Ishihara hisashi.ishihara at ams.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp
Mon Oct 15 01:09:38 PDT 2012

Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this CFP.

* Online Registration Started *

The first international symposium on "Constructive Developmental Science
based on understanding the process from neuro-dynamics to social

Date: November 28, 2012
Place: Science Hall, Life Science Center (Senri-chuo, Osaka, Japan)
Cost: Free of charge

Sponsor: JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Specially Promoted Research Project
    (leader: Prof. Minoru Asada)

 - Global COE Program "Center of Human-friendly Robotics Based on
   Cognitive Neuroscience" (leader: Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro)
 - The Center for Advanced Medical Engineering and Informatics,
   Osaka University

Online Registration

A new research project that aims to provide new understanding how
human's higher cognitive functions develop by means of synthetic
approaches that developmentally construct cognitive functions has
started in this June (please check our website for details).

In this project, we focus on an issue of self/other cognition, based
on approaches of cognitive developmental robotics: 1) a large scale
simulation of brain development with realistic body, 2) brain imaging
studies for real-time interaction, 3) building a realistic child robot
with muscle-skeleton system, 4) behavioral experiments with robot
platforms, and then, 5) establishment of constructive developmental

We would like to invite you to our symposium, in which JSPS project
leader, Prof. Minoru Asada, and some project members will talk about
our plan. Additionally, we will invite two researchers related to our
project, prof. Claes von Hofsten and prof. Giulio Sandini to discuss
our project from views of experimental developmental psychology
and cognitive robotics.

13:30-14:00 Opening Talk:
Minoru Asada (Professor in Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka
University: Project Leader)
"Towards Constructive Developmental Science: From neural dynamics to
social interaction"

14:00-14:45 Invited Talk1:
Prof. Claes von Hofsten (Professor in Psychology, Uppsala University)
"How spceial is looking and acting in ASD"

15:45-15:00 Break

15:00-15:20 Talk1:
Masayuki Hirata (Associate Professor in Department of Neurosurgery,
Osaka University)
"Towards electromagnetic neuroimaging of mother-child interaction"

15:20-15:40 Talk2:
Eiichi Naito (Research Manager in NICT Center for Neural Systems and
Information Networks)
"Shared neuronal machinery: linkage between physical and social cognitions"

15:40-16:10 Talk3:
Hiroki Mori (Assistant Professor in Graduate School of Engineering,
Osaka University)
"Fetal and infant development investigated by large scale
musculoskeletal and neural system simulations"

16:10-16:40 Talk4:
Hisashi Ishihara (Project researcher in Graduate School of
Engineering, Osaka University)
"Affetto project: toward realistic human-robot emotional interaction
with physical contact"

16:40-16:55 Break

16:55-17:40 Invited Talk2:
Prof. Giulio Sandini (Director of Research at Italian Institute of Technology)
"Robots, Babies, Brain and Interaction"

17:40-18:00 Closing

Hisashi Ishihara (石原 尚)
Project Researcher, Osaka University, Japan
+81-6-6879-7349 (06-6879-7349 from Japan)

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