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Postdoctoral Scholar Position at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the Robotic Vehicles and Manipulators Group

The research position will involve prototyping and testing a robotic gripper that will use microfabricated gecko-like adhesives to grapple floating targets in Earth orbit. The postdoctoral researcher will design and model gripping mechanisms and oversee the production of these designs using rapid prototyping techniques, advancing the technology to a point where it will be ready to operate in orbit at the end of a multi-DOF robotic arm and on the feet of a quadruped climbing robot. It is expected that the researcher will be able to iterate through multiple design cycles, improving the ability of the gripper to conform to a variety of surface geometries and the ability of the gripper to evenly distribute loads to the gecko adhesive patches. Empirical evaluation of the prototypes using force sensors and other measurement techniques must be used to support the design iteration process. After initial prototypes have been built and tested, higher fidelity models will be made with robotic actuation, so the ideal candidate must have the ability to integrate mechatronic elements into his or her gripper prototypes. Excellent design and prototyping skills are required, and experience with compliant mechanisms and robotic grippers is desirable. Dr. Aaron Parness, Mechanical Engineer, in JPL's Robotic Platforms and Manipulators Group, will serve as JPL postdoctoral advisor to the selected candidate. The appointee will carry out research in collaboration with the JPL advisor, resulting in publications in the open literature.

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