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We are submitting the following message kindly asking you to diffuse it
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prof. Angelo Guarino


December 3 - 4, 2012

Venice, VEGA Consortium, Italy


The world cultural patrimony worth saving is made up of million pieces: for
all of them, scientists and technologists help is urgently needed.
Scientists who work with Robotic systems may give a significant
contribution to this action.

Today, many scientific and technological methodologies are employed to
preserve our cultural patrimony, but only in a few cases up to now the
enormous potentialities of the Robotic Systems were exploited.

The idea that many million Cultural Heritage items representing the
Cultural Identity and a significant source of money for all Nations may be
saved and taken under control exclusively by human presence is absolutely
naïve if we consider costs. As a consequence, every year all over the world
thousands Cultural Heritage items get lost and many more will be lost
during this century.

Scientists, Technologists and Enterprises have expertise, ingenuity and
experience enough to develop new Robotic Systems specifically suited for
activities concerning the safeguard of Cultural Heritage, when and where
human presence is difficult or too expensive.

The conference aim is to stimulate a stronger interaction between the
scientists who work with the universe of Robotic Systems and the scientists
who work to safeguard our Cultural Heritage providing an excellent
environment for networking between Roboticists and experts in Cultural

The Scientific Programme is divided into the following four sessions.

Session A  Resources of the territory

Session B  Diagnostics and restoration

Session C  Biological diversity & performing arts

Session D  Museums projects & benefits

In addition, time is mature for launching and approve a preliminary
document for a Joint Programme called “RICH 2020” to submit to the European
Commission, endorsed by the 8th Framework Programme “Horizon 2020” that
starts next 2014.

Papers are solicited stressing possible interdisciplinary interactions.
Specific workshops will be organized to increase this activity.

An award is programmed for the best paper with a young scientist as first
author on these subjects.

The Conference will be held on the VEGA Consortium buildings in Venice,

The Organizing team has been working since decades on scientific research
for Cultural Heritage, see www.eachproject.eu


Abstracts submitted by e-mail to each2014 at gmail.com.        Deadline:
November 10

Registration for Participants and Accompanying Persons       Deadline:
November 20

Acceptance notification (oral/poster presentation)                  Deadline:
November 15



A.Guarino, each2014 at gmail.com

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