[robotics-worldwide] PhD openings for the HyQ robot (Hydraulic Quadruped) project at the Italian Inst. of Tech.

Claudio Semini claudio.semini at iit.it
Wed Sep 5 01:20:35 PDT 2012

The Department of Advanced Robotics ( 
http://www.iit.it/en/advanced-robotics.html ) at the Italian Institute 
of Technology IIT (an English language Institute) placed in Genoa, is 
seeking to appoint several well-motivated PhD students who will be 
involved in the *HyQ project* that aims to develop *versatile 
all-terrain legged robots*. The positions are fully funded, start in 
January 2013 and typically last 3 years. All positions are under the 
co-supervision of the department's head Prof. Darwin G. Caldwell.

The Hydraulic Quadruped HyQ is a unique research platform. It is a fully 
torque controlled hydraulic/electric quadruped robot equipped with 
inertial measurement units, laser range finders and stereo cameras. HyQ 
is able to perform highly dynamic motions like jumping and running, as 
well as careful navigation over rough terrain.

The following research topics are available:

1) *Control and planning of autonomous dynamic legged robot locomotion*
Possible research topics include but are not limited to: Control of 
floating base articulated robots, kino-dynamic planning, probabilistic 
planning & control, force & impedance control, learning and adaptive 
control of legged robots, dynamic terrain and obstacle perception and 
modeling, path planning.
For more information contact Dr. Ioannis Havoutis: ioannis.havoutis at iit.it

2) *Perception and mapping on a quadruped robot*
Possible research topics will include methods to optimally acquire and 
fuse information from the robot sensors, to build a simple but accurate 
map of its surroundings, and to produce meaningful task specifications. 
The perception process will be tightly coupled with the control and 
planning subsystems of highly dynamic motion tasks.
For more information contact Dr. Stephane Bazeille: stephane.bazeille at iit.it

3) *Design and control of manipulator arms for a quadruped robot*
This topic includes the development of a pair of hydraulically actuated 
manipulator arms to be mounted onto the HyQ robot. The arms will be used 
for picking up and manipulating objects, opening doors, moving obstacles 
and providing additional support to assist moving over very difficult 
terrain. Concurrently, the candidate will work on control and 
manipulation aspects related to the arms and the full robot.
For more information contact Dr. Claudio Semini: claudio.semini at iit.it

For more information on the topics and how to apply, please visit:

Italians as well as foreigners are eligible to apply.

Best regards,
Claudio Semini

Claudio Semini, PhD
Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)
Advanced Robotics Department
Via Morego 30, 16163 Genoa, Italy
phone: +39 010 71781 912
email: claudio.semini at iit.it
web: www.semini.ch or

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