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 PhD Openings in Humanoids and Human Centred Mechatronics

Humanoid & Human Centred Mechatronics Lab
Department of Advanced Robotics

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)

The Humanoids and Human Centred Mechatronics Lab (http://www.iit.it/en/advr-labs/humanoids-a-human-centred-mechatronics/) at the Department of Advanced Robotics in the Italian Institute of Technology IIT (an English language Institute, placed in Genoa) has a number of fully funded PhD openings (starting in January 2013) in the research areas of Humanoid Robotics and Human Centred Mechatronics Systems.  Young scientists holding excellent First/Master degrees in Mechanical / Electrical engineering, computer science, or other related fields are invited to apply for admission. Applicants should be highly motivated and ready to carry out ambiguous research programs. They should ideally have strong competencies in one or more of the followings areas: mechanism design, physical system modelling/ rigid body dynamics, robot control, MATLAB and C/C++ programming.   Any additional experience in robotics research will be a plus.

The successful candidates will be involved in Research projects funded by the European Union (AMARSI: http://www.amarsi-project.eu/ and SAPHARI: http://www.saphari.eu/). They will interact with several international Research Centres and Universities and will contribute to the development and control of the next generation of Humanoids Robots and Human Centred Mechatronics systems.

For this year PhD call the following themes are available in the Humanoid & Human Centred Mechatronics Lab: (see also Annex A4 at http://www.studenti.unige.it/postlaurea/dottorati/xxviiiciclo/IITen)

PhD Themes (Humanoids Robotics):
The focus of the following themes is on the design optimization, development and control of novel compliant legged systems and mechanics for robust, fast, adaptable and damage-safe motions and interactions. The target is to improve the capabilities of the existing full body compliant humanoid COMAN (http://www.iit.it/en/advr-labs/humanoids-a-human-centred-mechatronics/advr-humanoids-projects/compliant-humanoid-platform-coman.html) by exploring both the mechatronic technological limits (structural materials, actuation and sensing) and new design and control philosophies towards the development of high performance humanoid systems.

Theme  3.7: Building the next generation of Humanoids: Exploring the Mechatronic Technological Limits and New Design Philosophies for the development of an Ultra High Performance Humanoid
Theme  3.8:  Development of a Variable Stiffness Actuated Humanoid Lower Body
Theme  3.10: Haptic exploration for humanoid navigation with the compliant humanoid robot COMAN
Theme  3.11: Dynamic stabilization of biped robots based on IMU data
Theme 3.12: Humanoid Walking and Motion Planning: From Flat Terrains through Uneven Terrains, to Particulate Surfaces and Terrains with different Stiffness properties
Theme 3.13: Dynamic walking and running of humanoid robots on rough terrain
Theme 3.14: Balance control of compliant humanoid robots
Theme 3.15: Exploring Independent, Decentralized and Centralized Control Architectures for Robust Humanoid Control
Theme 3.17: Tactile sensing for robotic arms and dextrous hands

PhD Themes (Human Centred Robotics):
These themes focus on the development of robotic manipulator/arm systems and wearable robotic devices integrating novel actuation and sensing components and technologies which will ensure safe and perceptive collaboration and/or physical interaction between humans and robotic systems

Theme  3.9: New design and implementation principles for Variable Impedance Actuation
Theme 3.16: Development of an Wearable Autonomous and Intelligent Power Augmentation assistive systems for the limbs
Theme 3.18: Wearable haptic systems for dexterous teleoperation and virtual Immersion

Details on the above themes can be found in the technical annex (Annex A4) which can be downloaded from the following site: (http://www.studenti.unige.it/postlaurea/dottorati/xxviiiciclo/IITen). For any further enquiries concerning the research themes, please contact Nikos Tsagarakis at: nikos.tsagarakis at iit.it<mailto:nikos.tsagarakis at iit.it>

Application Requirements:
To apply please send a detailed CV, a statement of motivation, at least 2 reference letters, degree certificates, grade of transcripts and any additional support material to Nikos Tsagarakis: (nikos.tsagarakis at iit.it<mailto:nikos.tsagarakis at iit.it>). In addition, the applicants should fill the online application and upload the necessary application documents at the following site: (http://www.studenti.unige.it/postlaurea/dottorati/xxviiiciclo/IITen) no later than the 21st of September 2012, NOON, Italy time (Local time: GMT+2). International applications are encouraged and will receive logistic support with visa issues, etc.

Kind Regards,

Nikos Tsagarakis

Senior Researcher
Humanoid & Human Centred Mechatronics Lab

Dept of Advanced Robotics (ADVR)
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT-Genova)
Via Morego 30,Genova 16163, Italy

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