[robotics-worldwide] Robotica 30(7)

Gregory S Chirikjian gchirik1 at jhu.edu
Mon Sep 17 02:51:12 PDT 2012

Volume 30 Part 7 December 2012

Optimal design of 6-DOF eclipse mechanism based on task-oriented workspace,
Donghun Lee, Jongwon Kim and TaeWon Seo         1041

Optimal design of 6-DOF eclipse mechanism based on task-oriented workspace – ADDENDUM,
Donghun Lee, Jongwon Kim and TaeWon Seo         1049

A double refresh rate sonar ring with FPGA-based continuous matched filtering,
Damien C. Browne and Lindsay Kleeman         1051

Range-only fuzzy Voronoi-enhanced localization of mobile robots in wireless sensor networks,
D. Herrero and H. Martínez         1063

Engineering observation of lateral undulation in colubrid snakes for wheel-less locomotion,
Farshad Barazandeh, Hossein Rahnamafard, Mehdi Rajabizadeh and Hossein Faraji         1079

Kinematic modelling of a 5-DOF hybrid parallel robot for laparoscopic surgery,
Doina Pisla, Bogdan Gherman, Calin Vaida and Nicolae Plitea         1095

Singularity analysis of the H4 robot using Grassmann–Cayley algebra,
Semaan Amine, Stéphane Caro, Philippe Wenger and Daniel Kanaan         1109

>From stable walking to steering of a 3D bipedal robot with passive point feet,
Ching-Long Shih, J. W. Grizzle and Christine Chevallereau         1119

Process of optimisation for a 4 DOF tele-echography robot,
L. Nouaille, P. Vieyres and G. Poisson         1131

Kinematic analysis of a 5-DOF hybrid-driven MR compatible robot for minimally invasive prostatic interventions,
Shan Jiang, Jie Guo, Shen Liu, Jun Liu and Jun Yang         1147

Robust detection and isolation of failures in satellite attitude sensors and gyro,
Bahar Ahmadi and Mehrzad Namvar         1157

Modeling and assessment of the backlash error of an industrial robot,
Mohamed Slamani, Albert Nubiola and Ilian A. Bonev         1167

A stable adaptive force/position controller for a C5 parallel robot: a neural network approach,
B. Achili, B. Daachi, Y. Amirat, A. Ali-Cherif and M. E. Daâchi         1177

Vodec: A fast Voronoi algorithm for car-like robot path planning in dynamic scenarios,
Diego A. López García and Fernando Gomez-Bravo         1189

Visual servoing applied to real-time stabilization of a multi-rotor UAV,
Hugo Romero, Sergio Salazar and Rogelio Lozano         1203

Optimization design for a jumping leg robot based on generalized inertia ellipsoid,
Jianjun Yao, Qi Yang, Shuang Gao and Shenghai Hu         1213

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