[robotics-worldwide] [KUKA youBot] rollin', rollin', rollin' ... rollin' off the line - KUKA youBot rollout party at IROS 2012

Erwin Prassler prassler at youbot-store.com
Mon Sep 17 00:04:15 PDT 2012

Dear Roboticists,

After some painful birth problems - sharing the fate of the A380,
Dreamliner, and Galileo - the KUKA youBot has been smoothly rolling
off the assembly line for the past four months. The backlog of orders
has almost been worked off and the leadtime could be reduced to less
than two months.

As small as it is the KUKA youBot has the potential to become a major
milestone in robotics. It is the first affordable mobile manipulation
system that is suitable for tackling challenges in mobility, manipu-
lation and grasping with industrial scalability in mind. Its interfaces
are open down to the controller level. Its nine axes can be uniformly
accessed via real-time EtherCAT and offer position, velocity, and
current control.

The amount of available open source software is growing everyday.
Also quite a bit of effort is currently being invested in creating
more and more open source educational material. Altogether the KUKA
youBot has everything to become a reference platform for any research
and education activity in mobile manipulation.

It is now high time to celebrate, to celebrate the over-coming of
the painful birth problems, to celebrate the promising future of
this nice little robot, and to discuss over a glass of red wine and
some tapas what we can do together to promote the field of mobile
manipulation at large.

We would like to invite our great customers who patiently waited until
we solved all problems. We would like to invite all those who don't
own one yet but are already attracted by this little guy and who want
to learn more about it and we would like to invite all researchers who
are interested in mobile manipulation at large.

Please, join us for our KUKA youBot rollout party during IROS 2012 in
Vilamoura. The party will take place on Oct. 9 at 19:30 in the Crowne
Plaza Hotel in Vilamoura in room Sotavento.

The party is open to everybody but registration is required. If you
would like to join the party, please, send a message to

    rollout-party at youBot-store.com

until September 30 with your name and ask for a voucher. No
registration, no red wine, no tapas.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Vilamoura.
Rainer Bischoff (KULA Laboratories)
Erwin Prassler (youBot Store)

Dr. Erwin Prassler
youBot Store GmbH
Nobelstr. 15
D-70569 Stuttgart, Germany
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Legal Notice:  youBot Store GmbH is located in Landsberg, Germany. The
company is registered at the register court in Augsburg, Germany under
the number HRB 26278. Managing director is Dipl.-Inform. Walter Nowak.

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