[robotics-worldwide] 3rd International Workshop on Human Behavior Understanding at IROS 2012: Workshop program and Call for Participation

Çetin Meriçli cetin at cmu.edu
Mon Sep 17 22:12:31 PDT 2012

Dear All,

Please find below the program of 3rd International Workshop on Human
Behavior Understanding at IROS 2012, October 7, 2012 in Vilamoura,
Algarve, Portugal


Domains where human behavior understanding is a crucial need (e.g.,
robotics, human-computer interaction, affective computing, and social
signal processing) rely on advanced pattern recognition techniques to
automatically interpret complex behavioral patterns generated when
humans interact with machines or with others. This is a challenging
problem where many issues are still open, including the joint modeling
of behavioral cues taking place at different time scales, the inherent
uncertainty of machine detectable evidences of human behavior, the
mutual influence of people involved in interactions, the presence of
long term dependencies in observations extracted from human behavior,
and the important role of dynamics in human behavior understanding.
Implementing these methods on robotic platforms introduces further
constraints on processing resources, tracking over time, model
building, and generalization.

This workshop, organized as a satellite to IROS'2012, will gather
researchers dealing with the problem of modeling human behavior under
its multiple facets (expression of emotions, display of relational
attitudes, performance of individual or joint actions, imitation,
etc.), with particular attention to implications in robotics,
including additional resource and robustness constraints of robotic
platforms, social aspects of human-robot interaction, and
developmental approaches to robotics.

The HBU Workshops, previously organized as satellite to ICPR and AMI
Conferences, have a unique aspect of fostering cross-pollination of
different disciplines, bringing together researchers of robotics, HCI,
artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, interaction design,
ambient intelligence, psychology. The diversity of human behavior, the
richness of multi-modal data that arises from its analysis, and the
multitude of applications that demand rapid progress in this area
ensure that the HBU Workshops provide a timely and relevant discussion
and dissemination platform.



[8:30-8:45] Human Behavior Understanding for Robotics,
Albert Ali Salah, Javier Ruiz-del-Solar, Çetin Meriçli, Pierre-Yves Oudeyer

Sensing Human Behavior

[8:45-9:30] Keynote: Scene Understanding and Assisted Living, François Brémond

[9:30-9:50] Real-Time Exact Graph Matching with Application in Human
Action Recognition,
Oya Çeliktutan, Christian Wolf, Bülent Sankur and Eric Lombardi

[9:50-10:10] An Efficient Approach for Multi-view Human Action
Recognition based on Bag-of-Key-Poses,
Alexandros Andre Chaaraoui, Pau Climent-Pérez and Francisco Flórez-Revuelta

[10:10-10:30] Bayesian Fusion of Ceiling Mounted Camera and Laser
Range Finder on a Mobile Robot for People Detection and Localization,
Ninghang Hu, Gwenn Englebienne and Ben J.A. Kröse

[10:30-11:00] Coffee break

Social and Affective Signals

[11:00-11:20] Using speech data to recognize emotion in human gait,
Angelica Lim and Hiroshi G. Okuno

[11:20-11:40] Gender differences in the Perception of Affective Movements,
Ali-Akbar Samadani, Rob Gorbet and Dana Kulic

[11:40-12:00] Vagueness and dreams. Analysis of body signals in vague
dream telling,
Laura Vincze, Isabella Poggi and Francesca D'Errico

[12:00-12:20] Computing and evaluating the Body Laughter Index,
Maurizio Mancini, Giovanna Varni, Donald Glowinski and Gualtiero Volpe

[12:20-14:00] Lunch break

Human-Robot Interaction

[14:00-14:45] Keynote: Affordances and Concepts, Erol Sahin

[14:45-15:05] Recognizing the Visual Focus of Attention for Human
Robot Interaction,
Samira Sheikhi and Jean-Marc Odobez

[15:05-15:25] Contextual analysis of human non-verbal guide behaviors
to inform the development of FROG, the Fun Robotic Outdoor Guide,
D.E. Karreman, V. Evers and E.M.A.G. van Dijk

[15:25-15:45] Between Initial Expectations and Acquaintance:
Interacting with a Developing Robot,
Kerstin Fischer and Joe Saunders

[15:45-16:15] Coffee break

Imitation and Learning from Demonstration

[16:15-17:00] Keynote: Robots and the Human, Oussama Khatib

[17:00-17:20] Learning the combinatorial structure of demonstrated
behaviors with inverse feedback control,
Olivier Mangin and Pierre-Yves Oudeyer

[17:20-17:40] Internal Simulations for Behaviour Selection and Recognition,
Guido Schillaci, Bruno Lara and Verena Hafner

[17:40-18:00] Automatic Imitation Assessment in Interaction,
Stéphane Michelet, Koby Karp, Emilie Delaherche, Catherine Achard and
Mohamed Chetouani

Organizing Committee:

Albert Ali Salah, Boğaziçi University, Turkey.
Javier Ruiz-del-Solar, Universidad de Chile, Chile.
Çetin Meriçli, Carnegie Mellon University, USA.
Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, INRIA, France.

Hope to see you all in Portugal!

On behalf of the organization committee,
Çetin Meriçli

Dr. Çetin Meriçli
Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University

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