[robotics-worldwide] Workshop on Android based Robots in Santa Clara, CA

Saurabh Palan saurabhpalan at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 08:47:27 PDT 2012

We cordially invite you to attend the Workshop on Android based Robot
(Android-Droid), which will be held on Sept 29-30, 2013 in Santa Clara,
California, USA. The Workshop is organized in co-ordination with iRoboticist
<http://iRoboticist.com>and Robot Launchpad <http://robotlaunch.com>,and is
part of the initiative to raise awareness and educate people about the
field of Robotics. The workshop is focused on helping software engineers
get familiarized with hardware. The workshop is led by Ytai Ben-Tsvi and
Saurabh Palan, and is modeled after an MIT hack-a-thon Ytai taught in
February of this year.


*Smartphone and tablets are becoming ubiquitous and increasingly cheap.
These amazing devices typically have considerable computation power and
memory, internet connectivity, a variety of high-end sensors (camera, GPS,
accelerometer and more) and a touch screen display. All of these built-in
peripherals are well integrated and easy to access from software. All that
is really missing in order to use them for robotics applications is a way
to connect them to external hardware, such as motors and additional
sensors. That way, they can replace traditional microcontrollers and
embedded code with something that is more powerful and easier to use.*


The Android-Droid workshop teaches participants to use their Android device
to connect with several electronic components for building applications
starting from blinking an LED to building a Robot. It will be based on the
popular IOIO <http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10748> board, which serves
as a physical bridge between Android devices and external devices and
allows Android apps to be easily written to control them. Programming is
done solely in Java, using the standard Android development tools.
Participants will enjoy a stimulating hands-on session on connecting the
Android device to a Robot kit, which they will assemble themselves. The
workshop will also cover the basics of building simple electronic circuits
and introduce useful parts, such as sensors and motors.

For registration and details please visit:

Saurabh Palan

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