[robotics-worldwide] IROS Workshop on Robot Motion Planning: Online, Reactive, and in Real-time | Call for Participation

Torsten Kroeger tkr at stanford.edu
Tue Sep 25 12:52:10 PDT 2012

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to participate in the IROS 2012 Workshop on 

    Robot Motion Planning: Online, Reactive, and in Real-time   

to be held on Friday, October 12 in Vila Moura, Algarve, Portugal. Talks by
renowned international experts and interactive sessions belong to the
program highlights of the workshop.

The schedule as well as all papers and videos are available at


We look forward to seeing you in Vila Moura on October 12!

Torsten Kroeger 
Corrado Guarino Lo Bianco

---------------- Program Overview ----------------

Rayomand Vatcha, Jinglin Li, and Jing Xiao
Dynamic Envelopes and Robustly, Continuously Collision-free Trajectories

Oliver Brock
"Design Principles" for Real-World Motion Generation Algorithms

Sachin Chitta
Bootstrapping Online Motion Planning

Sami Haddadin
Dynamic Motion Planning for Human Spaces

Robert Haschke
Hybrid Planning: Task-Space Control and Sampling-Based Planning

Daniel Sidobre and Wuwei He
Online Task Space Trajectory Generation

Luigi Biagiotti and Roberto Zanasi
Open-loop and Closed-loop Filters for Optimal Trajectory Planning under Time
and Frequency Constraints

Corrado Guarino Lo Bianco and Fabio Ghilardelli
Third Order System for the Generation of Minimum-Time Trajectories with
Asymmetric Bounds on Velocity, Acceleration, and Jerk
Torsten Kroeger
Online Trajectory Generation Algorithms as an Intermediate Layer between
Robot Motion Planning and Control

S. Mohammad Khansari-Zadeh and Aude Billard
Realtime Avoidance of Fast Moving Objects: A Dynamical System-based Approach

Stephan Puls, Patrick Betz, Max Wyden, and Heinz Wörn
Path Planning for Industrial Robots in Human-Robot Interaction

Antonio Franchi, Carlo Masone, and Paolo Robuffo Giordano
A Synergetic High-level/Reactive Planning Framework with Application to
Human-Assisted Navigation [video attachment]

Dynamic Movement Primitives for Human Robot Interaction
Miguel Prada and Anthony Remazeilles

Eiichi Yoshida and Fumio Kanehiro
Reactive Humanoid Motion Planning for Reaching Tasks

Nicholas Malone, Aleksandra Faust, Brandon Rohrer, John Wood, and Lydia
Efficient Motion-based Task Learning [video attachment]

Sanjeev Sharma and Matthew E. Taylor
Autonomous Waypoint Generation Strategy for On-Line Navigation in Unknown

Guillaume Doisy, Aleksandar Jevtic, Eric Lucet, and Yael Edan
Adaptive Person-Following Algorithm Based on Depth Images and Mapping [video

Frank Hoeller, Timo Röhling, Markus Ducke, and Dirk Schulz
Collective Motion Pattern Scaling for Improved Open-loop Off-Road Navigation

Luca Bascetta, Gianantonio Magnani, Matteo Matteucci, Dinko Osmankovic, and
Adnan Tahirovic
Towards the Implementation of a MPC-based Planner on an Autonomous
All-Terrain Vehicle

Andrea Maria Zanchettin and Bakir Lacevic
Sensor-based Trajectory Generation for Safe Human-robot Cooperation [video

Marcello Bonfe, Cristian Secchi, and Enea Scioni
Online Kinodynamic Trajectory Generation using Nonlinear Filters: a
Multi-Dimensional Space Approach

Ben Ezair, Tamir Tassa, and Zvi Shiller
Multi-axis High-order Trajectory Planning

Theofanis P. Lambrou and Christos G. Panayiotou
Online, Adaptive, and Distributed Multi-Robot Motion Planning for
Collaborative Patrolling of Sparse Sensor Networks

Yiannis Karayiannidis, Christian Smith, Francisco E. Vina, Petter Ogren, and
Danica Kragic
Design of Force-driven Online Motion Plans for Door Opening Under

Morten Lind, Lars Tingelstad, and Johannes Schrimpf
Real-time Robot Trajectory Generation with Python

Nima Keivan, Steven Lovegrove, and Gabe Sibley
A Holistic Framework for Planning, Real-time Control and Model Learning for
High-speed Ground Vehicle Navigation Over Rough 3D Terrain

Ahmad Kamal Nasir, Christof Hille, and Hubert Roth
Plane Extraction and Map Building Using a Kinect Equipped Mobile Robot

Roel Pieters, Alejandro Alvarez-Aguirre, Pieter Jonker, and Henk Nijmeijer
Direct Trajectory Generation for Vision-Based Obstacle Avoidance

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