[robotics-worldwide] Final CFP: AAAI SS13, Designing Intelligent Robots: Reintegrating AI II

Lorenzo Riano lorenzo.riano at berkeley.edu
Thu Sep 27 14:12:16 PDT 2012

-- Workshop Website --


-- Workshop Description --

The goal of building intelligent robots has been a motivating problem
for generations of AI researchers, going back at least as far as
Shakey the robot in 1966. Creating such a robot is both the fully
realized expression of the original impulse behind AI and an immensely
rich source of research questions that address real-world problems.

However, AI is fragmented field: well-developed and largely
independent research communities exist for learning, planning,
reasoning, language, perception and control. Since the challenges
posted by each of these subfields are immense, most researchers have
found it necessary to devote their careers to specializing in a single
subfield. While immense progress has been made in each of these
subfields in the last few decades, it remains unclear how they can be
integrated to produce an intelligent robot. Unifying these disparate
technologies will open up new avenues of research and create new
application opportunities. Therefore, we believe that integration
should be considered a valid research endeavor in its own right.

This symposium aims to bring together a diverse and multidisciplinary
group of researchers interested in the specific objective of designing
intelligent robots.  The first such symposium, held in 2012, resulted
in many interesting
discussions across subfields, and the current one aims to continue
these interactions, thereby
actively encouraging the integration of various AI techniques. We also
hope to foster an active
discussion about setting a realistic and feasible medium-term
objective for integrative research so that progress can be made. The
symposium will include invited talks as well as a poster session with
ample time for discussion.

-- Call for Contributions --

We invite contributions describing research aimed at producing a
functional, integrated robot system. *Papers that provide a high-level
overview of existing work or summarize the results of an extended
research program along these lines are most welcome, as are papers
that integrate two usually distinct areas of research.*

Interested participants may submit either full-length papers (up to 6
pages in AAAI format) or short papers/extended abstracts (2 pages) in
PDF format to dir.aaai.ss13 at gmail.com.

-- Important Dates --

Submit manuscripts by: October 5, 2012
Acceptance notification: November 2, 2012
Camera-ready submission: January 18, 2013

Symposium: March 25-27, 2013

-- Organizers --

George Konidaris, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Byron Boots, Carnegie Mellon University
Nick Hawes, University of Birmingham
Todd Hester, University of Texas
Bhaskara Marthi, Willow Garage
Benjamin Rosman, University of Edinburgh
Lorenzo Riano, University of California, Berkeley

Lorenzo Riano, PhD
Research Scientist
University of California Berkeley
Berkeley, CA

web: http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/~riano/
email: lorenzo.riano at berkeley.edu
skype: lorenzo.riano

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