[robotics-worldwide] PhD scholarship @LAAS-CNRS on Binaural Active Audition

Patrick Danès Patrick.Danes at laas.fr
Tue Apr 2 13:50:11 PDT 2013

Dear colleagues

A 3-year PhD scholarship entitled
/Multi-target tracking and active motion for sound source localization from a binaural sensor in Robotics
/will be available on October 2013 at LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France, in the Robotics-Action-Perception team.

This subject takes place within the (timely) topic of active binaural audition in Robotics.  In short, the aim is to localize multiple sound sources from a binaural sensor (two ears mounted on an anthropomorphic head) along two lines of research: multi-target filtering so as to build an acoustic map of the environment by fusing the sensed binaural signals and the sensor motor commands; control of the sensor motion in order to enrich the information brought by the binaural signals on the source locations.

An extensive description (in French and English) is available at the URL:

We are looking for a highly motivated applicant, having
- a strong theoretical background in Signal Processing and Control, attested by a master-level degree;
- programming skills in MATLAB and C/C++;
- an interest for Robotics, Acoustics and Auditory perception;
- fluency in spoken+written English or French.

Curriculum Vitae, motivation letter and references should be sent/before May 5th/  to Patrick Danès and Gérard Montseny
<mailto:patrick.danes at laas.fr,gerard.montseny at laas.fr?Subject=[Phd%20Offer]>/  ./

We would appreciate if you could please help us by circulating this studentship position to your students.
Thank you.
Best regards,

Patrick DANÈS               LAAS-CNRS (room D27) & Univ. Paul Sabatier
7 avenue du Colonel Roche, BP 54200,  F-31031 Toulouse Cedex 4, France
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