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*Call For Papers on "Nanorobotics"**

Research activities on nanorobotics comprise an emerging 
interdisciplinary technology area raising new scientific challenges and 
promising revolutionary advancement in applications such as medicine, 
biology and industrial manufacturing. Nanorobots could be defined as 
intelligent systems with overall dimensions at or below the micrometer 
range that are made of assemblies of nanoscale components while 
exploiting the physics at such a scale, or as larger platforms capable 
of robotic operations at the nanoscale. The development of nanorobots 
presents difficult design, fabrication and control challenges, as such 
devices will operate in microenvironments whose physical properties 
differ from those encountered by conventional parts. Furthermore, 
nanorobotics is a field that calls for collaborative efforts between 
physicists, chemists, biologists, computer scientists, engineers and 
other specialists to work towards this common objective.

In an effort to disseminate the current advances in nanorobotics, and to 
stimulate a discussion on the future research directions in this field, 
the */IEEE Transactions on Robotics/***(T-RO)**invites papers for a 
Special Issue in this area. Academic and industry researchers are 
invited to submit papers on the theoretical, technological and 
experimental aspects of design, modeling, control and validation of 
novel nanorobotic devices, with applications in domains including 
medicine, biology and industrial manufacturing. It is our expectation 
and goal that this Special Issue will succeed in invigorating research 
interests towards the development and applications of nanorobotic systems.

Topics and details can be found in the Call for Papers that can be 
downloaded from the link at _www.ieee-ras.org/issue/nanorobotics.html_.


-Design of Nanorobots

-Kinematic and Dynamic Modeling of Nanorobotic Systems

-Control of Nanorobotic Systems

-AFM/SPM Based Assembly and Manipulation at the Nanoscale

-Molecular Self-Assembly and Swarm Behavior of Nanorobots

-MRI-based Technologies for Nanorobotics

-Nanoswimmers at low Reynolds Numbers

-Magnetic Wireless Nano-Agents

-Non-Contact Nanorobotics


-Applications (e.g. Medicine, Biology, Industrial Manufacturing

**Important Dates:*

*Nov. 30, 2012:* Call for Papers*
April 15, 2013:* Deadline for Paper Submission*
May 30, 2013: *Completion of First Review*
Aug. 31, 2013:* Completion of Final Review*
Oct. 27, 2013:* Submission of Final Manuscripts*
Dec. 2013 (tentative): *Publication
Guest Editors:**
Prof. Antoine Ferreira, **

Laboratoire PRISME

Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Bourges,

88, Boulevard Lahitolle,

18000, Bourges, France

Email : _antoine.ferreira at ensi-bourges.fr_

Prof. Sylvain Martel, **

Department of Computer and Software Engineering,
Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal,

P.O. Box 6079, Station Centre-Ville
Montréal, Qc., H3C 3A7, Canada

Email : _sylvain.martel at polymtl.ca_

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