[robotics-worldwide] Springer-FIRA 2013 ROBOWORLD CUP and CONGRESS Extended CFP (15th April 2013)

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Thu Apr 4 01:26:39 PDT 2013

Springer - FIRA 2013 ROBOWORLD CUP and CONGRESS, Shah Alam, Malaysia, 24-29
August 2013

*Dear author,*


Let us kindly inform you that due to numerous requests, the paper
submission deadline for FIRA 2013 ROBOWORLD CUP and CONGRESS (*
http://www.firakl2013.org.my/congress* <http://www.firakl2013.org.my/>) has
been extended to 15th April 2013.*

The Center for Artificial Intelligence Technology (CAIT), Faculty of
Information Science and Technology (FTSM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
and Department of Polytechnic Education, Ministry of Higher Education,
Malaysia together with the Federation of International Robot Soccer
Association are organizing the International FIRA ROBOWORLD CUP and
CONGRESS (FIRA 2013). We cordially invite delegates from all over the world
to participate this event. The FIRA ROBOWORLD CUP and CONGRESS co-located
with the International Multi-Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Technology (M-CAIT 2013) *http://www.ftsm.ukm.my/mcait* will be held in
Shah Alam, Malaysia.

All papers in the conference have been accepted to publish in
Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS) Springer-Verlag.*

We would like to highlight the presence of the following keynote speakers:

> Professor Jong-Hwan Kim, Department of Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science, KAIST, Korea.*

> A/Prof. Prahlad Vadakkepat, Department of Electrical and Computer
Engineering National University of Singapore.*

Please visit the conference website at *
http://www.firakl2013.org.my/congress* for further information.

Important Dates:

Paper submission:                            Extended to 15th April 2013
Paper acceptance:                             1st May 2013
Final submission (Camera-ready):   1st June 2013
FIRA RoboWorld Cup:                       24th - 29th Aug 2013
FIRA Congress:                                  26th-27th Aug 2013
Early bird Registration:                     Before 30th June 2013
Normal Registration:                         After 30th June 2013


*Topics of interest:

> Advanced applications of autonomous robots (industrial and research),
advanced materials.
> Advanced medical robotics, robot for surgery, assistive robotics, service
> Applications development, hardware issues, devices and techniques,
advances sensor and actuator.
> Autonomous assembly robotics, Autonomous vehicles.
> Bio-mimetic and bio-inspired robotics, Bio-hybrid robot systems,
evolutionary robotics.
> Cognitive robotics, developmental robotics, personnel robotics, robot
communication and language.
> Ethical and societal issues in robotics, robots in education, the arts
and entertainment.
> Flying robots (unmanned- and micro air vehicles) space and planetary
> Humanoid robotics, human-robot interaction and interfaces, legged robots.
> Swarm robotics, collective robots, field robotics.
> Learning and adaptation, long-term interaction and operation, intelligent
> Modeling and analysis or robot models, modular reconfigurable robots.
> Navigation, localization, map building and path planning, analysis of
robot-environment interaction.
> Robot autonomy including energy self-sufficiency, robot control
architectures, 2D/3D robot vision, sensing and perception.
> Pattern matching and analysis, visual object categorization, searching
methods, optimization, data mining, and semantic knowledge technology.

The conferences associated with FIRA 2013 event are:

*> 5th International Conference on Advances Humanoid Robotics Research

> 5th International Conference on Education and Entertainment Robotics

> 4th International Robotics Education Forum (IREF)<http://www.firakl2013.org.my/congress/international-robotics-education-forum-iref>


Kind regards

FIRA Roboworld Congress 2013.


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